Handling more than 20,000 pieces of epidemic prevention and control data every day, she said she would return home after finishing “monster”

Liu Pan, an all-media reporter of Changsha Evening News, collected, cleaned, analyzed and distributed 357,600 pieces of data in 25 days, deployed and promoted 1.194,900 place codes, and realized an average of more than 11 million codes per day…In the fight against COVID-19 in Changsha, there are a group of people who, although they do not face the epidemic directly, affect the overall situation of prevention and control.Their work is not “smoke”, but day and night on duty;Although they deal with data every day, it is not at all easy……They are the Epidemic Prevention and Control Data group of Changsha Data Resources Administration bureau.As a key team to determine the speed of epidemic prevention and control, they are also the behind-the-scenes rush march to protect the health of the city’s people.She’s analyzing over 20,000 data a day, and she says every day in the epidemic control data team, it’s a race against time in a sea of data.Big data is invisible, but it is very important to grasp the “cross track” of people’s movement and take the initiative in epidemic prevention.”New data may come at any time, so we need to process and push it as soon as possible. We need to clear data every day.”Feng Juan is the backbone of the data group, she told reporters that since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, their data group is on 24-hour duty, to collect, analyze and report more than 20,000 data received every day.”Verification of changsha epidemic prevention system through the WeiJian, public security, data sharing channel, but daily data from the pavement, and some of them are not complete, we will quickly to heavy, completion, all kinds of data cleaning, under the standard, the accurate data will be distributed to grass-roots, let them according to the data of illness controls quickly.At the same time, multi-dimensional analysis should be carried out on the control of key epidemic personnel based on site code scanning and nucleic acid test data, which will be reported to the municipal control and prevention headquarters daily for reference, and the abnormal personnel analyzed will be distributed to all districts (cities) for accurate correction.”Feng Juan said.Every day for more than ten hours on the computer, the reporter saw her eyes have been full of red blood.Her eyes welled up as she talked about her son at home.”I haven’t been home for several days. Now my mother-in-law is taking care of my baby. Every time before going to bed, she and I make video calls and always shout that she misses her mother.”Feng yun told his son, “mother now outside the monster, such as mother beat the monster will go home.”As the epidemic is still unfolding, the data team is still working overtime to process epidemic prevention data to ensure accurate, timely and efficient statistics.They are like a group of people weaving a web. The more accurate the information and the clearer the context, the more difficult it is for the epidemic to spread.Once there are locally transmitted cases, the effectiveness of traceability will be the core link of epidemic prevention and control, and “location code” is extremely important for epidemic prevention and control, especially for accurate traceability of epidemic.During the current epidemic period, the “place code” can be seen in obvious places at the entrances of major shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other key public places in Changsha. When citizens open wechat, Alipay and myChangsha APP to scan, they can automatically obtain the health code information and light up the code to pass through.The reporter learned that the “venue code” and “health code” data interconnect, scanning the “venue code” can be automatic registration of people in and out, at the same time, automatic verification of the “health code” information, there is no need to repeatedly show the health code.The elderly, minors and other special groups can be scanned for registration by their family members or peers using the function of “peers”.The “place code” will record every public place visited by citizens. In case of flow adjustment, it can efficiently and quickly grasp the flow of people, which is convenient for relevant departments to carry out accurate tracing and investigation, and avoid the spread of the epidemic.”Compared to manual registration in the past, citizens can access public areas more accurately and safely by scanning the ‘venue code’.”Kuang Lingyu, head of the data group, told reporters that all information generated by the “venue code” has been collected by the government in accordance with the law and desensitized and encrypted, so no venue or individual can obtain public information.During the epidemic period, how can we effectively reduce the flow and aggregation of people and enable more services to be handled online?For this, city administration of data resource optimization “my changsha” APP, online to register (return) long and sites, code, nucleic acid testing point, SARS risk grade, real-time data, travel and epidemic prevention policy six service, and the service zone, health and epidemic prevention of high-frequency places yards yards, to recommend long registration service to the home page.By continuously increasing the proportion of “whole-process online services”, we will help citizens to get things done without leaving home.Up to now, the total number of people who have registered for the service has reached 280,000.The monthly number of hits on epidemic-related travel cards, vaccine reservation, vaccination sites, nucleic acid testing sites and other services has exceeded 100,000.”As a city group led by unit control command data analysis, we put the digital battle disease as a major test inspection changsha wisdom urban construction’s effectiveness, promote the data assigned to an important opportunity of grassroots social management, and WeiJian, public security and other departments work together, using big data precision power at the grass-roots level, flow back of the February, nucleic acid detection, and other key epidemic prevention work,To contribute strong digital power to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and annihilation.”Changsha data Resources Management Bureau party secretary, director Zhang Wu said.

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