Heating is not hot is a major issue of people’s livelihood heat company reply to the media two explanations make people inexplicable this matter who comes to the tube

Heating is a matter of people’s livelihood and we can’t fool the citizen media and the government.The heating time of Xi ‘an for 4 months accounts for 1/3 of the time of the whole year, which can be imagined in terms of the well-being of people’s livelihood. The first thing Party Secretary Fang did when he took office was to focus on heating. Recently, “Huashang Daily” and “Westnet” shaanxi headlines successively reported the problems of heating failure in many communities in the southern suburbs of Xi ‘an.The westnet hotline has received continuous reports from citizens that the lack of heat heating has become the focus of livelihood issues.Two, according to the citizen media reporters visited respectively heating is not hot regional community family, cover the auspicious village 212 district, the heat is not hot electron acoustic sheng flocity garden village, a small village east road no. 128, changfeng park village, the wild goose pagoda changan university campus family members’ hospital east, north mingde door, CCCC second bureau, 211 community,Xi ‘an University of Finance and Economics, No. 131 East Xiaozhai Road Family Hospital, etc.Mr. Wang who lives in Yanta district small village east road 128 courtyard said, since the winter heating is not hot, especially recently very obvious, indoor temperature only 15 degrees, in the home still have to wear cotton clothes, cold stream of people nasal discharge, residential area belongs to Ming De heat company heating.Mingdemen North district no. 1 building on the fourth floor of peng old lady also reported that the temperature in the home is not up to standard, only 15 degrees Celsius, the annual normal heating bill.Ms. Liu, no. 3 courtyard of The Second Public Transportation Bureau of Hanguang South Road, said that when charging for heating in the community, unigroup Heating Company, the heat source is Mingde Heating Company, heating has been poor, the temperature is worse than during the Spring Festival recently, only 14 degrees in her home.The reporter learned that 212 community is a typical old community, has been “three for one industry” transformation, is now by purple light heating company heating.The air source of Unigroup Is Mingde Heating Company.From two major media reporters heating Fang Mingde heating companies, two huge reply media language differences, two consecutive days, a Chinese reporter lilin dozens of mingde heating power company calls, not busy at the moment is that I couldn’t get through, citizens hotlines, and one can imagine how hard it is, the hotline let a person feel is deaf ears is just a place, used to suddenly find people.Good reporter is not easy to find mingde company, relevant staff, the staff said that the company boiler operation is normal, also did not reduce the supply of flow, some people think the heat is not hot, may be compared with other district or other tenants, there are many influence factors in home temperature, and xi ‘an recently the temperature is not stable, not as usual after the spring temperatures rise obviously,On the contrary, the frequent occurrence of rain, snow and temperature drop also affects the physical sensation of residents.”Westnet” Shaanxi headlines reporter Ling Ni interviewed the Mingde heat company, the operator said, know some residential heating shortage situation.She told reporters that mingde heat matching natural gas in the month has been used up, not enough to support the whole month of heating, so it caused part of the residential heating is not hot.This is mainly because this year is the first year for Mingde Heating Company to use natural gas for heating after changing from coal to gas. Besides, it is cold this year and gas is used quickly, so the company’s estimate of gas usage is insufficient.Two media interviews, mingde thermal company two answers, the former said that the heating is normal, the flow did not decrease, the latter said that the gas, no gas, is buying.You know, you’re talking to the citizens, you’re talking to the press, you’re talking to the government and you’re talking to somebody who’s doing what they want, who they want, who they don’t understand.This time, the citizens of xi ‘an southern suburbs heating party is a purple light heating operation company, a mingde heating company, they are heating party in the end what is the relationship?Hope to give the public a detailed answer, government departments should also seriously implement and research, whether there is duplication of institutions, people floating, buck-passing and other problems.Three for two or three years in a row, especially the enterprise community raised after heating the social these units, citizens even another 3 years reflect the heat is not hot, the heating is not up to standard has become a prominent social problem of the people’s livelihood, hope the relevant government departments seriously research, coordination of supervision, strengthen supervision, can’t again let citizens sweating the heating when the every year.

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