If Zhou Yu had asked Zhuge Liang to build ten thousand bows, what would have happened?

Cao Cao: “Look, Zhou Yu’s child has no plan!”If Zhou Yu had asked Zhuge Liang to make ten thousand bows, all the soldiers and horses would have seen that Zhou Yu was trying to fit Zhuge Liang’s shoes!Of course, sima Yi is not the horse breeder here.There was only wei wei shu wu three camp, strength strong, have the most force at the time, the battle of red cliff several times more than the liu jun coalition forces, but even so, cao cao also in ten thousand only bow, in ancient times, though the proportion of the whole army is very small, because they are the most important role is deterrence, are fighting over a long distance, and usually warfare is warfare,Bowmen have no advantage at all. One thousand troops, one hundred bowmen is too much!According to this idea, ten thousand bows should be equipped with at least one hundred thousand troops, but the combined forces of Sun and Liu do not have so many bows, why do you want so many bows, do you just want Zhuge Kongming to die in the military warrant?It can be said that this is not wise, to get rid of Zhuge Liang in an invisible way, so that Liu Bei can not grasp the handle, so obviously not.If Zhou Yu’s army was so strong that he needed 10,000 bows to expand his army, would Zhuge Liang be able to accomplish the task?Do you have to think about that?When Zhuge Liang agreed to make arrows, Lu Su already thought that Zhuge Liang would surely die. Wouldn’t it be even harder to make ten thousand bows and use straw boats to cheat? Obviously he couldn’t, so this time Zhuge Liang would surely die.Couldn’t Zhuge Liang ask Liu Bei to come out of the mountains to help make a bow?I remember such a scene, after Guan Yu died, Zhang Fei asked his men to make armor, but they could not finish the task even if they rebelled, so it seems that the military industry in Liu Bei’s camp is really poor.And not all of us can make armaments, if we are dragged to make bows and arrows, will we make bows and arrows? It is not such a simple thing as a branch with a bend and a rope at both ends, it is very complicated. Although Liu Bei has many people, only military personnel who can help make armaments, others can only stare at it.If Zhuge Liang did not ask for quality and worked hard to make ten thousand bows, would Zhou Yu be able to beat him?When the crime of cheating is compounded, Zhuge Liang will not live.It can be seen that Zhuge Liang was safe and sound. First, Zhou Yu allowed him to make something special. Second, he could take a shortcut.In addition, someone mentioned why jun not to put the rockets expel the problem of zhuge liang, the problem is really hard to explain, but we want to also can think, when to use the rocket, is not prepared at all times, in the attack on somebody else’s hay, when to use fire to just can have the rockets, the arrow must be prepared to not use them at any time, the rockets is not convenient to carry,Second, it will affect the range. At that time, it was on lakes and rivers, there was no need to prepare rockets in advance, and rockets were not needed. It was a waste of resources to use rockets on water.

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