“Journey to the West” in the beautiful country, when I was a child only to see the monster, ignore so many people

Journey to the West, as one of the four masterpieces of our country, is a mythological TV series loved by men, women and children.I used to love TV shows when I was a kid.Must-see TV every summer.When I was a child, I just watched the Monkey King fight monsters. I didn’t know there were so many beautiful beauties in Journey to the West.When I was a child feel Sun Wukong is the most fierce, after many years just discovers tang’s monk or the ceiling of appearance level.Only blame us too simple.The first Zhu Lin really did not find the beauty of the king when she was a child.When I was a child, I did not think how beautiful the king of the kingdom of women was.At that time also incredibly feel tang’s monk should be with her together, after all somebody else is king, can become king with her together.In fact, this is only a kind of Tang monk’s experience, a kind of emotional experience.Fortunately, Tang’s monk was also successful in the end, he must succeed.If you want to achieve success, you must feel the seven emotions and six desires of the human world.When I grew up, I found that the king was not only rich and powerful, but also beautiful and rich.That it took years to discover Zhu Lin’s beauty.Li Lingyu, female, born on April 9, 1963 in Shanghai, is a Chinese pop singer and actress.The jade rabbit that Li Lingyu acts is beautiful city really, those who dress up Indian amorous feelings appear to have different region amorous feelings more.Her eyes were large and vivid.Very jade rabbit essence temperament.Really did not think of her incredibly is a singer, see her young hair style, I suddenly feel that she is a bit like Sun Li.I don’t know if you feel that way.Netizens said that her jade Rabbit spirit can not be surpassed, I think so after all, the classic TV series can not be surpassed.Golden Qiaoqiao in Journey to the West can be said to be the peak of appearance level, at that time is still very young, a little baby fat.I thought her image at that time was peacock Princess.However, The flowering period of Jinqiaoqiao is very short, and the subsequent works are not not beautiful, but do not have the amazing feeling at that time.Later in the film and TV drama and variety show interview was called aunt Wei Chong.Jin qiaoqiao also said: their present is the future of others.I think it is true that no one can stay on the ceiling of appearance level all the time.There’s nothing wrong with getting older and fatter.Only oneself accept.The fourth chang e really did not think that when I was a child chang e fairy so beautiful, willow leaf curved eyebrow beauty eyes.A little red in central China more reflects the temperament of fairies.When I was in middle school, even our Chinese teacher said that Chang ‘e in Journey to the West was the most beautiful Chang ‘e she had ever seen.I think apart from being a little bit older, the fairy temperament is definitely powerful.The fifth fox this fox really many I have seen the most beautiful fox, every twinkle and smile show seductive temperament.But not so voluptuous and charming.There seems to be a touch of grace.I thought it was a pity that such a beautiful woman was a fairy.We were only focused on Sun Wukong, so we wanted him to be powerful enough to fight monsters.Sixth jade face fox this jade face fox, to tell the truth is really better than princess Iron fan good-looking, no wonder the bull demon king for her and princess Iron fan dare to turn against.I also admire the director of Journey to the West for his shrewd judgment in casting.Classics are unsurpassed, and even Sun Wukong of Liu Xiao Ling Tong is unsurpassed.Each character imparts its own soul to the character.When I was young, I did not know beauty, but when I grew up, I found so many beauties in this TV play.I just blame myself for being too young.Finally, Guanyin Bodhisattva is also the guanyin image in my mind.When I was young, I thought she was the Goddess of Mercy in the portrait.More than any other actor.Salute to the classic!Is there any beauty in Journey to the West that I haven’t found?The comments tell me.

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