Lachin sent the deputy director to the provincial public Security bureau to report on the docking work

On March 25, Executive Deputy Director Lachin led the head of the office to the provincial public Security Department to actively report the docking work and strive for support.During the visit, I visited the executive deputy director of Libenjia, deputy director of the Police Order Department Liu Yuping, Zhong Shuqing, deputy director of the Police Protection Department Ren Jianhua and other leaders.Successively went to the police Order Department research office, archives Department, key department, special office, police Security Department report docking work.At each point, Lachin got straight to the point and briefed him on the work.He reported that since this year, The Public security bureau of Guoluo resolutely implemented the spirit of the national provincial Public Security Bureau chief conference, anchor the “ten” police standards focus on the force, the key work smoothly, bright spots, remarkable results.Go luo, he said, the public security each made gratifying achievements, is inseparable from the provincial public security department attaches great importance to and vigorously support and the careful guidance, pleaded with ministries and agencies related departments of public security in the construction of digital archives construction, confidential room go luo, “risk prevention, in addition to the hidden trouble, drop quite, be safe” special action, for ensuring adequate funding for infrastructure projects, providing greater support in such aspects,Help Guoluo public security “ten” police implementation of high quality effect.Office leaders and leaders of relevant departments affirm the state bureau leaders to take the initiative to report the docking work, and combine the reality of The Public security in Guoluo, make good policies, give suggestions and teach methods on the relevant work.Said that the provincial public security department will continue to care about the public security work in Guoluo, hope to cherish the achievements, make persistent efforts, relying on the “ten” police standards, for the new era of Public security work in Guoluo inject new power.Source | office
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Gesang Hot Dan recommended the state committee to hear the public security work report good news!The Youth League Committee of The Public Security Bureau of Guoluo Was awarded the good working unit of the Communist Youth League of The whole State in 2021

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