“Mortal dust combination” all Out of the Accident, Chen early morning injured the second bureau is limping

The All England Open, the most influential badminton tournament in 2022, kicked off in Birmingham, UK on March 17 (local time), with guanyu showing mixed results on the first day of competition as of Early Wednesday (Beijing time).”Joy” and “sorrow” comes from the women’s doubles projects, Zheng Yu/Zhang Shu xian 2-0 eliminated Japan fukushima star/wide field decorated by age, but has just won the German open champion of China’s first women’s doubles Chen Qingchen/Gu Yifan Zheng Naen/Jin Huizhen accidentally lost to South Korea, Chen Qingchen injury caused by the poor state is a loss.Lu Guangzu and Zhao Junpeng, the only two Chinese men’s singles players in the UK, met prematurely in the first round, one out of the inevitable, the final victory is Lu Guangzu, he 2-1 difficult into the second round.There was also a national civil war in women’s singles, which resulted in Zhang Yiman’s withdrawal, Olympic champion Chen Yufei’s victory without a fight, and He Bingjiao and Han Yue’s smooth and easy advancement.And young Wang Zhiyi in the encounter with India’s first sister Sindu due to poor strength, failed to bring fans surprise, 0 to 2 defeat.The results of these games are all normal.Doubles, men all three pair to win promotion, veteran combination Liu Cheng/nan 2-0 eliminated Denmark in accordance with the/Moore’s, new partner Zhou Haodong/Liu Yuchen to 21 than 15 and 21 than 12 her victory over Thailand combination/KaiDeLun, He Jiting/Tan Qiang hard enough also narrowly missed to beat Malaysia combination Wu Shifei/ms nooyi ZuDing.Mixed doubles the feather of two pairs of Pal outbursts,, all of the Olympic Games champions Wang Yilv/Huang Dongping than 15 to 21, 21 than 4 mickelson/rather than sweeping Denmark combinations, are back together again Zheng Siwei/ya-qiong huang 2-1 win over France combination willy hot/tran, two people, though not into the best condition, but through the running-in is recovered after the feeling of the world,But newcomer Ou Xuanyi/Zhang Shuxian was narrowly beaten 2-1 by Scotland’s Hall/McPheeson.The most unexpected result of the national badminton team all came from the women’s doubles. Zheng Yu and Zhang Shuxian won 21-19, 11-21, 21-11 in the face of the Japanese “rape flower” pair Yuki Fukushima and Hiroda Caihua, who have cooperated with each other for many years.Liu Xuanxuan/Xia Yuting also advanced after beating a French pair 2-0.China’s first women’s doubles, the Tokyo Olympic Games runner-up “left” will lose some surprise, in the game you can see, Chen Qingchen is war with a hamstring injury, hit the second inning, when she is limping, has been unable to complete the normal run, Gu Yifan one solitary wood a hard, finally two people by South Korea’s 2-0 Zheng Naen/Jin Huizhen elimination.Fan Chen won the Women’s doubles title at the German Open on Sunday and played until the last day of the match before moving on to Birmingham, where an already tired Chen Chen was still playing with an injury and the loss was understandable.By Liu Ailin, Beijing Youth Sports

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