Please pay attention!Louxing District will carry out nucleic acid testing training for all personnel

Residents and friends:At present, the situation of COVID-19 in China is grim and complex. In order to effectively improve the nucleic acid testing capacity of the region, improve the rapid response mechanism for prevention and control, and effectively respond to the possible COVID-19 outbreak,The district is scheduled to carry out full-staff nucleic acid testing practice in Yaoqiao Village, Honghe Village and Tiantian Village, Shuidongdi Town on February 8, 2022.At present, there is no COVID-19 epidemic in our area. Please do not panic and gather onlookers, and jointly maintain the order of the drill site.At the same time, the site shall not be filmed, and the relevant information, pictures and videos shall not be uploaded to the network, so as not to create rumors, spread rumors, and not believe rumors.Louxing District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters February 7, 2022

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