Qi Yang: Jiang Liangtie inspects and directs the water and electricity supply guarantee work during the Spring Festival

Rednet moment On January 30 news (correspondent Jiang Minjie) On January 29, Yongzhou City CPPCC vice chairman, Qi Yang municipal party secretary Jiang Liangtie in-depth Qi Yang city tap water, electric power, gas companies and sanitation departments, during the Spring Festival water, electricity, gas to ensure supply and urban health regulation, epidemic prevention and control work inspection guidance.Relevant departments are required to strengthen management, check and resolve hidden dangers, make emergency plans, guard the bottom line of strict epidemic prevention and control, and ensure that the city’s people spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Qi Yang municipal deputy secretary, united Front minister Ike Hai, Qi Yang municipal standing committee, vice mayor Jiang Mingming to participate.The Spring Festival is approaching, and the safety of water and electricity supply during the festival is a top priority to ensure people’s livelihood.In the State grid Qiyang City power supply company, Jiang Liangtie into the dispatch command center, a detailed understanding of the grid operation, the highest load period, personnel on duty, power supply emergency repair preparation.He pointed out that during the Spring Festival, electricity consumption is large, the personnel on duty should stick to their posts, scientific scheduling, ensure power supply, security, make emergency disposal plans, to ensure the stability of the city’s electricity supply during the Spring Festival.In city water company, Jiang Liangtie on-site visit water supply plant running status of equipment, facilities, ask for details of water supply, water supply pipe network, water quality, water pressure, etc, insight into the water supply capacity, scheduling operation and water quality safety and security of water supply and service work during the holidays, etc., told workers do and keep a good post, to ensure the city’s water supply is normal, safe, and during the Spring FestivalTo ensure a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year for the general public.In China Resources Gas Co., LTD., Jiang Liangtie learned about the safety guarantee of gas storage, transportation and gas consumption and listened to relevant work reports.He asked, to further improve the awareness of production safety, always tighten the string of production safety, effectively perform the duty of production safety, strengthen the duty on duty, implement the safety measures, solid storage, transportation, gas each link security;We should further intensify inspections, strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, improve and refine emergency plans, deal with emergencies in a timely and effective manner, and go all out to ensure the safety and reliability of gas supply.In addition, Jiang Liangtie also came to the green affairs center of sanitation, inspection and guidance of environmental sanitation before the Spring Festival.He points out, during the Spring Festival, Qi Yang will usher in the peak of car flow, stream of people, sanitation branch should do city environment sanitation work earnestly, dress up the city one up, build clean, neat festival atmosphere.We should ensure that cleaning teams and management systems are in place, further strengthen cleaning efforts on main and secondary roads, and remove dead spots in a timely manner to create a good living and travel environment for the people.During the inspection, Jiang Liangtie also came to Yangjiaotang Town, went into the village group and talked with the families of those detained in northern Myanmar to understand their family situation, publicized and explained the relevant policies and laws and regulations of the state to crack down on the illegal crossing of the national border (border) and new online fraud crimes, and effectively eliminated the concerns of their family members to persuade them to return by answering questions and answering doubts.At the same time, family members will be encouraged to use various forms of education, such as emotion, morality, law and morality, to persuade those stranded in northern Myanmar to return home and reunite with their families as soon as possible.

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