Small laundry room to improve employee happiness China Petroleum Bohai Equipment Hua Oil Steel Pipe Company to do practical things in the heart of employees

“This is the laundry list of our laundry room, up to the beginning of this month, a total of more than 26,000 sets of work clothes.”February 10, in the Bohai equipment Hua Oil steel pipe company tube factory laundry, employee Xu Yanan looked at her daily maintenance of the factory laundry electronic ledger said.Bohai Equipment Hua You steel pipe company staff in the laundry room to clean the work clothes.As an oil and gas transportation steel pipe manufacturer, the clothes of the front-line staff of Bohai Equipment Hua You Steel Pipe Company are stained with oil and sweat every day.”Wear clean clothes to work and wash them after work” has become an important issue that employees are eager to solve.China oil steel pipe company by superiors allocation, self-raised funds, measures such as deepening “face to face, corners, redefine” project, the purchase of laundry appliances such as washing machines, dryers, electric iron, organize employee myself laid water piping, painting the walls and connection circuit, laundry room, let the desire of the employees “clean home” become a reality.Washing and folding work clothes is just a basic skill.In order to further improve the employee happiness index, but also with full “embroidery skill”.In the study and education of party history, Bohai Equipment Hua You Steel Pipe Company also takes the laundry room “improving quality and upgrading” as an important starting point to do practical things for employees, and extends the depth and breadth of service according to the needs of employees.An employee of Bohai Equipment Hua You Steel Pipe Company cleans work clothes in the laundry room.The drawing staff of the surveyed unit collected and sorted the daily work clothes, divided them into four categories: male workers, female workers, dirty clothes and greasy clothes, and put them into three washing machines respectively.Sewing machines are added to mend the damaged parts of work clothes, electric irons are provided to make clothes more neat and “tangible”, work clothes are disinfected by ultraviolet light to make employees feel more assured and comfortable to wear, and microwave oven configuration allows shift employees to eat “hot meals”…The continuous improvement of laundry functions brings stable happiness to employees.One front-line employee said heartily: “I have witnessed the laundry from scratch, from there to fine. I am a participant, witness and beneficiary. Why should I not give my all to my work?”The laundry room of Bohai Huayou Steel Pipe Company.It is understood that the company’s market orders in 2021 increased by 17% year on year, among which social market orders accounted for 91%, the best level in history.Focusing on the interwoven challenges of centralized production guarantee and delivery period, the company carried out labor competition to promote production and guarantee shipment. The monthly output of steel pipe in this year and the production time rate hit a new high in recent years.

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