The key is to prevent parents from indulging in winter vacation

Primary and secondary schools around the “double reduction” after the first winter holiday.There are fewer after-school programs and more free time during the holidays, but teachers and parents are also worried about students’ addiction to video games.An Internet company has announced that minors can play only 14 hours of its online games on the Chinese mainland around this year’s winter holiday and Spring Festival.However, the rigid rules of the game platform can only alleviate the problem to a certain extent, and it is difficult to completely solve the problem by relying on the self-control ability of minor students.During the winter vacation, it is the time for students and parents to spend a long time together. In real life, parents are the key to effectively prevent students from indulging in online games.To network game, cannot talk of color change.We cannot deny that through online games, children’s pressure can be released and their mood become happy.Games are the nature of minors, and online games are a choice provided to children by the development of network society.Parents can’t just squelch their children’s needs.Understanding children’s physical and psychological needs, giving children specific growth stage and social reality recognition and understanding, is conducive to children’s healthy growth.It is suggested that parents should not only guide their children to understand the harm of addiction to online games, but also fully express the attitude of respecting their game preferences and playing time. They can also accompany their children to play games, participate in game discussions and play skills.On the basis of mutual trust between children and parents, it is more effective to agree and implement “anti-addiction” plans with children than to simply suppress and restrict them.”Blocking” is better than “thinning”.More importantly, parents need to reduce children’s dependence on online games through colorful winter vacation activities, and guide children to devote more time and energy to more meaningful learning, exercise and life.Take your child to the library, gym, playground, science and technology museum, museum, youth culture palace, help your child set up a holiday interest group, such as reading group, ball group, chess group;Encourage children to take part in social activities or household chores.Parents and children work together to make a detailed winter vacation life plan. By designing a schedule that both children and parents agree on, we can make the holiday activities more planned and regular every day.Exercise and get close to nature through outdoor sports;Through visiting reading, increase knowledge, cultivate temperament;Through public welfare labor, we know how to cherish and learn to be grateful.Children rich inner world, will be less addicted to online games.Parents’ example plays an important role in preventing students from indulging.Parents should not only make demands on their children, but also provide effective companionship and model good behavior for their children.Accompanying their children to sports and extensive discussions takes up a lot of time and energy, and it is a sacrifice that parents must make.Children are not “holiday orphans”, but “holiday lucky ones”.Winter vacation coincides with parents’ spring break, children’s “double reduction” training time is short, children and parents have more free time, parents must not brush douyin, play kuaishou, head into the screen, but asked their children not to indulge in the game.Parents should set an example for their children by spending their holidays in a scientific, orderly and healthy way.Winter vacation “addiction prevention”, is not an overnight thing.”Prevention of addiction” is a battle, will certainly go through a long process, parents must be equipped with love, patience and confidence.In addition to school and social education, parents should not blindly pursue a specific stage of achievement, should allow children gradually wake up, give children enough time to self-discipline growth, help children gradually shift interest.Without patience, it is easy for parents to judge their own efforts in this battle to be feeble, and to fall by the wayside.The first long holiday after “double reduction” not only brings challenges to “prevent addiction”, but also brings opportunities for parents to lead their children out of addiction.We believe that parents can seize this opportunity and work together with their children to develop healthy and self-disciplined learning habits.(The author is Chen Xianghua, a teacher of Xiangyang No. 7 Middle School in Hubei Province)

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