Hair twist water also want to insist!The spirit of the Winter Olympics inspires the “ice and snow girl” in Huangpu!

In the past winter vacation, Shen Xingchen, a student from Class 8 (4) of Shanghai Zhendan Foreign Language Middle School, was very busy, but she said she enjoyed it. “I have to train during the day, and watch the Winter Olympics at night. I will watch all the games of the Chinese team.Talking about the Winter Olympics and the gold medal won by Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Qu Chunyu and others in the short track mixed 2000 meter relay, Shen Xingchen at the other end of the phone was very excited, although she was a member of the Shanghai junior women’s ice hockey team.Shen Xingchen wins best Player award (first from right) He got into ice hockey “by accident,” in Shen’s words.By chance, shen xingchen was deeply moved by the grace of the figure skater flying on the ice on TV. After discussing with his mother, he went to the ice rink to register for basic skating.Unfortunately, the coach took Shen aside after a few big lessons. “At that time, the coach told me that I was too old to switch to figure skating after basic skating courses, so I should consider switching to ice hockey or speed skating,” he said.The rest of the story makes sense.Under the guidance of the coach, Shen xingchen experienced ice hockey and short track speed skating respectively. Although speed skating was cool, she was more fascinated by team ice hockey. The fierce competition of ice hockey players on the field and their unity made Shen feel excited by the sportsmanship.In this way, she chose to join the hockey team assessment.”Basic training is really boring and boring. Every practice time is more than 90 minutes, and the class lasts for 180 minutes on weekends or holidays. Every time after class, my hair can twist out a bucket of water.”It was tough, but I made a lot of new friends,” Shen recalled. “After the game, we would agree to practice together.”Fortunately, Shen xingchen’s hard training was not in vain, and an “invitation letter” was sent to her from Shanghai Junior Women’s ice hockey Team. “Although the training was very hard, I was really excited to be admitted by the city team.”Shen Xingchen tells a reporter, after her to join a teenage women’s hockey team, because outbreaks and team age, race chance is very precious, invitation to the Asian women’s hockey game at the beginning of 2020, all the events in each time a few weeks before departure to cancel, so that in 2021, originally also does not have the opportunity to participate in two games.Having said that, Shen Xingchen did not slack off because of this, or as always hard training, waiting for the test of the match.Finally, at the end of 2021, Shen welcomed the Shanghai Junior hockey Championship. After several games, Shen’s team won the women’s division.Excited, Shen Xingchen thought that friendship first, competition second, opponents are friends, every time they meet in addition to play on the court, will also talk about each other’s school anecdotes.Shen Xingchen accept trophy three (lower left) for their own goals and idols, Shen Xingchen said without hesitation: “our team coach Ma Xiaojun coach is my goal and idol, a former national representative on behalf of the state and the award-winning winter Olympics for many times, she often tell us, hope this place without the basis of the ice before in Shanghai set up a temperature ice hockey team.”Speaking about the future, Shen hopes to play the sport with his teammates for the next five or 10 years. “Hockey has become a part of my life. It’s an integral part of my life.”For the ongoing Winter Olympics, Shen Xingchen will not miss, she believes that on the one hand, through the competition to learn the skills and tactics of the national team members, at the same time, their perseverance, courage is also worth learning!Related links: Ice hockey is a kind of competitive team sport on the ice with the tools of skates and hockey sticks. It is composed of men’s and women’s two minor sports. It is an independent winter sport in the international sports taxonomy.It is one of the most exciting team sports in the world and, of course, one of the fastest.Popular in Europe, the United States and Canada, ice hockey is an intense sport of skill, balance and physical strength. It is a high-speed, high-impact sport.When the game, both sides of the players each 6, the game is divided into three rounds, each 20 minutes, 15 minutes of rest in the middle, one goal to get 1 point, scoring more for the victory.

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