Sad!!!A woman cries at the station and tightly hugs her husband’s thigh to stay: Where are you going before the first lunar month

Around the school, the teacher or the elders always said he is the happiest when I was a student, let’s cherish, scoffed at that time, many children will probably, looking forward to grow up quickly, but when we began to work into the society, the in the mind is to agree with this sentence, because students can have up to two months of summer vacation a year, nearly a month of winter vacation, stay at home to bother,And many adults can go home every year is a luxury, the Festival home can not stay for a few days, have to say goodbye to their families in a hurry to leave, in order to life continue to rush.With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, workers from all walks of life have returned to work, and stations in some cities are once again staging a sad send-off. Some people set out on the journey with expectations for the future, while others are full of perseverance.Earlier, netizens posted a video of a man in Anhui province working outside and his wife refused to stay, which made people SOB and move.The incident took place on the square in front of fuyang Railway Station in Anhui Province. As you can see from the video, it was still early in the morning and the sky was dark. The street lamps were still on, but there were few people in the square.The man was wearing a leather coat, a mask, and a big black bag on his back, followed by a woman in a long red cotton coat, the man’s wife.When the man arrived at the station and asked his wife to take good care of them, she wanted to say goodbye. The wife could not bear it any more. She took her husband by the hand and whispered, “Why don’t you stay at home for a few more days?”The husband did not want to stay at home, but work waits for no one. Only in the big city can he make more money and improve his family life. He shook his head and tried to take his wife’s hand.But the wife was not willing to let go. She sat down on the ground and hugged her husband tightly. Tears fell from her eyes and she cried out, “I’ve only been home for a few days.It would be nice to spend more time with the children.”In fact, it’s not only children who want their fathers to accompany them, but also wives who don’t want their husbands to accompany and rely on them.She is also young, a person to take care of the children and the elderly, but also clean up the housework busy work, sometimes feel tired, exhausted will miss far in her husband, but the reality forced us to endure, endure loneliness, endure exhaustion.She is not alone in feeling this way, but in thousands of families.According to 2019 statistics, the total number of migrant workers working outside China’s provinces is nearly 300 million, accounting for about one-fifth of the country’s total population, an increase of nearly 1.7 million over 2018.It also reflects the huge flow of population in China, and how many families have to separate from their families in order to make a living, and this “separation” phenomenon has been the normal life of people at the bottom.All say their hearts grow smaller, but after a long time apart couple love life sometimes will also have a nontrivial effect, which result in the case of marriage is not a few, also hope that those who have so of men can cared about the relatives of his wife in the home, because they don’t have to be your little bear, marriage for a long time also needs the careful maintenance;Similarly, those who stay at home should also be more understanding and supportive of those who are traveling. They are also struggling with homesickness and loneliness, and your understanding is their biggest motivation.

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