The government of National Unity has written to Norway’s prime minister to object to the sale of Telenor to companies linked to the Burmese army

On February 10, The acting President of myanmar’s Government of National Unity (NUG) Duwala Grekke sent a letter to Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Steele stating that he would not accept the sale of Telenor to Investcom, a company affiliated with the Burmese military regime.The letter stated that the information stored by Telenor Myanmar contained confidential information of the Burmese people, which would endanger the lives of Myanmar’s 18.3 million users if sold, and would not be allowed to be sold during meetings of the Government of National Unity.”We strongly urge the Norwegian government to disregard any decision of the Burmese military regime regarding Telenor and to reverse and block the sale of the Business in Myanmar in order to prevent 18.3 million subscribers from being pushed into the hands of the Burmese army.We urge to help the government of National Unity and the people of Myanmar.”In July 2021, Telenor said it would sell its Myanmar operations to M1 Group.M1 Group, a Lebanese-based company with a history of corruption with disregard for privacy and freedom of expression, was also a Group that worked with the Burmese army dictator.Now Telenor plans to sell its business in Myanmar to Investcom, the main shareholder in the military-linked Platinum industry, the rest of which is owned by M1, and platinum’s managing director is the main shareholder in a forestry joint venture sanctioned by the European Union.

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