After death, why is it best not to burn these relics?There is some truth to that

From birth we are born to experience death, natural or unnatural.Since ancient times, birth, old age, illness and death are the experience of each of us, but also inescapable.There’s a popular online challenge called “Make peace with your make-up free” that hopes we can make peace with ourselves.Life and death is human nature, don’t be too obsessed.It is impossible for us to live forever. Liu Che, emperor Wudi of han Dynasty in ancient Times, was obsessed with elixir in order to live a long time.Li Shimin, emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, was also obsessed with the elixir of immortality.So there is no such thing as immortality, but the comfort we seek when we live longer.After death, the deceased is great, and the family will prepare a grand and lavish burial ceremony for him.There are also many rules, such as burning ghost houses, wearing mourning clothes, doing ashrams, singing night songs and so on.Some rich families will also invite people to mourn, used to express the bereaved descendants or relatives and friends of the mood and grief of the deceased.The burial of the deceased is different in different places because of different customs.Earth burial is the most popular, since ancient times there has been the argument that buried for peace, including in a few years ago, China is still more popular in the form of this funeral.Cremation is also popular.Some of us have been left out or died in a foreign country. As the saying goes, “East or west, home is the best.” No matter where we are, “home” is always what we want.So cremation is a convenient way to return to your roots in a foreign land.With the development of society, the country is also advocating the form of cremation.Cremation can save more land resources in Our country. After a person dies, the ashes are put into a small box, which does not need a big coffin, which also saves the resources of trees in our country.Another is water burial, in which the body is put into a specially made boat and put into the sea. We can also see this form of funeral in some movies and TV works, but with the development of society, this form of water burial is gradually phased out.In China, there is a kind of funeral ceremony practiced by The Tibetan people that is “sky burial”.This is the most common Tibetan practice, in which the body is wrapped in white cloth and handed over to “sky burial masters”, who place the body in a ravine and wait for birds, eagles and other animals to pick it up.Another is mummification, especially in ancient Egypt, which is how people preserved their bodies, by drying them and applying an embalming material to gradually mummify them.Besides these, there are also many funeral methods, such as cave burial, tree burial and sand burial.Relics are also things we need to deal with after death.Some things can be burned, such as the deceased’s clothes can be burned, and some ordinary things can be thrown away.But there are two things it’s best not to burn.The first one is the bed used by the deceased, the bed is what we need, a bed can accompany us for a long time as long as we do not deliberately break it can be used for a long time.In ancient times a bed would be well made and cost a lot of money.In addition, the bed is relatively large, and it is not easy to burn it.The second is the valuables of the deceased.The reason why valuables are valuable is that they have a certain value. For example, some valuable paintings and calligraphy are burned, which means that they have lost a certain value.There is also heirloom, heirloom inheritance is a kind of family sustenance, it is not only a wealth is a family for the future generations of a kind of expectation.So some valuables should not be burned.The deceased is the greatest, we have to respect the deceased, every place has its own customs we will hold a funeral for them.It’s best not to burn these two things after death, to let them realize their value.

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