Chengdu metro, bus has been eliminated!Please wear a mask throughout the ride

“Please prepare your health code in advance and pass with your green code.”In Chengdu, capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, on April 5, a voice alert was played to check the health code of every passenger entering the station.Red Star news reporters learned from Chengdu Railway Group that in order to ensure the daily travel of citizens, Chengdu metro is strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, including 100% wearing of masks, 100% scanning and lighting of codes, 100% temperature testing, and 100% disinfection and ventilation of tools in places.Buses are an important choice for citizens to travel. During the epidemic, Chengdu has made every bus stop every four hours to ensure the safety of passengers.Chengdu Metro has been taking measures to prevent and control the spread of the virus in strict accordance with the prevention and control requirements, and all stations on the network have been strictly implementing the prevention and control measures of “bright entry code, automatic temperature measurement, wearing masks”. All passengers can pass by using the green code, and those without the green code are not allowed to enter the station.During the epidemic period in Chengdu subway stations, 100% masks were worn, 100% scanning and lighting codes, 100% body temperature testing, and 100% disinfection and ventilation of tools.The seats, columns, pull rings, handrails, doors and other parts that are easily accessible to passengers in the carriages should be disinfected once every 6 hours; the facilities and equipment (parts) that are frequently contacted by passengers, such as security screening machines, automatic ticket machines, gate machines, interior of straight ladder cars and benches, should be disinfected once every 4 hours; and the returning trains should be comprehensively disinfected once a day.At the same time, Chengdu Metro strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, assisted scientific prevention and control with smart travel, increased the promotion and application of the smart passenger service platform without contact or influence, and strengthened the intelligent passenger travel guidance service.In addition, smart temperature measurement and smart gate crossing have been implemented at 373 stations of the railway network. Passengers wearing masks and brushing their faces are allowed to ride without feeling. Smart measures have been adopted to comprehensively improve traffic efficiency and epidemic prevention effect.Chengdu metro station staff will check the temperature before going to work every day and strictly wear masks when on duty.All kinds of spare items used by employees are cleaned and disinfected. The station is equipped with emergency supplies such as masks and protective suits to comprehensively protect the health and safety of employees on duty and provide passengers with safer and high-quality services.In addition, ticket kiosks and security checkpoints in Chengdu subway stations are equipped with hands-free liquid, and some stations have launched touch-free mobile disinfection stations, which citizens can use for free if necessary.Chengdu (CNS) — People wearing masks were seen at the No. 59 bus station near Jinluo Road in Chengdu City on Sunday afternoon.On the side of the bus, a message reading “Please wear a mask when riding” was posted.It is understood that in order to ensure the safety of the public transport, Chengdu bus Group optimized the operation of the shift, to ensure that the vehicle arrived at the terminal, the window ventilation time is not less than 10 minutes.The conventional bus lines of vehicles from upstream and downstream should be disinfected once every round trip;Disinfect circulating and quasi-circulating line vehicles when they return to the starting station;Community buses, microcirculation and short distance connecting lines should be disinfected once every 2 hours. If a round trip is longer than 2 hours, it should be disinfected once every round trip.Elimination frequency shall not be less than 4 hours within the opening and closing time of the station.The bus disinfection point reminds passengers to wear masks through the information release screen and the in-car voice broadcast system, take the initiative to scan and light the code, cooperate with temperature detection, maintain a safe interval, queue up and get on the bus in an orderly manner, and assist the station and BRT station to realize 100% scanning and light the code, 100% temperature detection, and 100% wearing of masks.At the same time, in the station and BRT station hall, staff should scan codes, light codes and measure temperatures before going to work every day. When going to work, they should strictly wear masks, and be equipped with masks, protective clothing, gloves and other emergency supplies. All kinds of spare parts should be cleaned and disinfected after use.Hand sanitizer or alcohol should be placed on the operating table of the cab, dispatching room, rest room, etc., so that front-line personnel can keep their hands clean at any time.Chengdu Bus Group reminds citizens that passengers entering bus stations (open and closed) and BRT stations must scan the location code, take their temperature and wear masks.For the elderly passengers who do not use or do not have smart phones and other groups, do a good job of manual service guidance.When taking a bus, you should wear a mask all the time, and if conditions permit, try to sit apart or apart, and separate space from each other.Chengdu Economic Daily – Red Star News reporter Yan Yuheng according to the original title of Chengdu Metro and Chengdu Bus Group: “Chengdu Metro and Bus have been eliminated! Please wear masks throughout the ride”

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