Interpol two squadron successfully captured a forged, falsified documents of criminal suspects

Since the launch of the special campaign of “Golden Shield Storm”, The Second Police Squadron of Xinhua Branch of Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau strictly according to the requirements of the branch Party Committee, enhance the political position, strengthen the responsibility, focus on the target task, hit hard, and constantly increase the fight against illegal and criminal behaviors, achieved remarkable results.Recently, the squadron successfully cracked a case of forging and altering certificates and captured a criminal suspect.On March 29, the squadron mastered a about forgery, falsifications identity certificate clue, immediately arrange the police to carry out investigation to this clue, in the sub-bureau synthetic combat center’s assistance, through analysis and judgment finally successfully locked the hiding place of criminal suspect Duan Mou.On March 31, the police in xinhua district in a community will suspect Duan mou (male, 30 years old, Lingshou county) successfully captured, on the spot seized a set of forged documents, forged identity documents, driving documents more than 60 and a large number of blank documents.After interrogation, the suspect Surnamed Duan confessed that since 2019, he has illegally sold forged and altered certificates on social platforms, making illegal profits of more than 500,000 yuan, and a large number of certificates have been used for illegal and criminal activities.At present, the suspect Duan mou has been detained, the case is being investigated further.Police remind: forgery or alteration of identity card, passport, social security card, driving license and other certificates, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years or criminal detention, deprivation of political rights and fine.Source: Shi Jia Zhuang Xinhua Public Security

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