Is the new Jeep commander the Jeep of your heart

Recently, under the living state of “lying flat” and “rolling in”, the camping culture representing the free attitude is becoming more and more popular. More and more people are trying to get out of the city and go to the countryside on weekends to enjoy the peace and freedom without the hustle and bustle.Camping culture is inseparable from the car, a car that can take you out “wild” is also the object of choice for more and more people, at the Guangzhou Auto Show, we see various manufacturers are demonstrating similar elements.As a representative brand of Jeep, it would not miss the opportunity to display the imported Jeep Gladiator Advance edition and Jeep Wrangler Highland Alaska Aurora Green Special Edition in Hall 2.2.Not only cool car, the scene of the “more 80, the more wild” slogan, but also let a person blood spray zhang, as if the moment exposure to the wild.When I was a child, the word “Jeep” was synonymous with off-road vehicles. As time passed, Jeep became synonymous with off-road vehicles.As the pioneer of THE SUV segment, Jeep has been adhering to the pure SUV pedigree and professionalism during the 80 years since its birth, always focusing on the precipitation and evolution of all-terrain technology.The spirit of Jeep is the never-ending exploration and conquest, the leisure and beauty enjoyed by the heart.Jeep Gladiator is positioned as an “imported O-class all-terrain pickup”, the only choice in the midsize pickup segment and the only convertible pickup currently on the market.Classic square body with open trunk, wild, more outdoor exploration to carry more items to provide practical convenience, tailgate Angle three adjustable, help flexible loading.With a 568kg payload, gladiator provides a reliable guarantee for long-distance travel and crossing in the wild, while the right size guarantees superior mobility and convenience.Off-road, the newly upgraded Dana44 m210/220 front and rear axels with 40° approach Angle /25° departure Angle /18° pass Angle, and selec-trac professional intelligent four-wheel drive with low speed 2.72 times torque magnification make it easy for the gladiator to conquer almost any tough road conditions.Making its public debut, the Jeep Wrangler Heights Alaska Aurora Green Special Edition.The amazing limited exclusive body color represents a return to nature and a challenge to the unknown.As the new version of Wrangler, Highland expands the product pedigree of Wrangler again. In terms of power, it still adopts the power combination of the iconic 2.0t engine and ZF8 speed transmission of Wrangler, and carries the 4×4 SUV intelligent technology system, which continues the powerful four-wheel drive strength.Why Jeep?I know a man who, in the third year after graduation, took out his savings and bought a Jeep Freedom Light. He told me that he always wanted to buy a Wrangler. First, he wanted to buy a Jeep gene, and then he would change to a Wrangler when he became rich.Sure enough, some time ago I saw his new wrangler in his moments.When I asked him why he was so obsessed with Jeep, he said it was not just a belief, but more a sense of freedom and off-road satisfaction that Jeep brings to you.Later, the wrangler took him to many places, whether it was camping, cross-country or through, abandoning the hustle and bustle of the city and recording many good times.I think maybe only Jeep can bring him the lifestyle he wants.Indeed, looking at the global market, Jeep has long been a synonym for “off-road”.In the domestic market, Jeep is also gradually establishing the off-road core, while trying to make every Jeep have its own DNA.As Ding Yukun, Vice president of Jeep Brand in China for Stellantis and Vice General Manager of GAC FICK, said, “In order to compete for sales, Jeep used to pursue urbanization and follow the pace of its competitors, but this was not the way Jeep should go and diluted its own strength.Jeep’s core is off-road.Jeep is the leading expert in off-road. Jeep should and must go off-road.”Back to off-road DNA Rather than wrangler, Gladiator and the like, I was more interested in another “off-road” car: the Jeep New Grand Commander.I think the key to returning Jeep to off-road DNA is to get a 7-seater SUV and bring Jeep’s off-road DNA with it.So let’s take a look at the new Jeep Grand Commander.The new car is equipped with gME-T4 2.0t engine of the same source as Wrangler, which can produce 195kW maximum power and 400 N•m peak torque, making this 5-meter big car easy to drive. Exquisite Nappa luxury leather seats and a new generation of Uconnect human-computer interaction system with full sense of science and technology.Coupled with ANC active noise reduction technology and double soundproof glass, it looks like a gentleman in a suit, elegant.But, being a Jeep,””Suit” is not all of it. The new generation of lightweight Active Drive intelligent four-wheel Drive system can switch to four-wheel Drive state within 0.2 seconds, instantly turning the gentleman in suit into a free cowboy. When riding in the wild all-terrain road conditions, he can easily cope with all kinds of bad weather and ji limited road, enjoying the perfect sense of conquest.Perhaps only a Jeep can get you there.With external genes, internal safety is also a bright spot.The whole car is equipped with seven airbags.In order to provide better body SAFETY, The New Jeep Grand Commander follows the SAFETY CAGE concept, the global standard of SAFETY CAGE body, and carries the CAGE body of high strength steel and ultra-high strength steel.The advantage of cage body is that it can improve the safety of collision, because the design of this structure can be divided into “impact collapse zone” and “high strength cockpit area” two areas.The “impact collapse zone” folds up like an organ and absorbs the impact when the car is hit, thus protecting the occupants;The “high strength cockpit” ensures full living space for passengers.Under normal circumstances, the body will select a certain percentage of the high strength steel or super high strength steel to strengthen parts, but in the Jeep xinda commander car body, the proportion reached 76%, 13% of which is to use the strength of 1300-1500 mpa of ultra high strength steel, equivalent to the area of the fingernail on 13 tons of under pressure,The material is very “realistic”.The use of such a large number of high-strength steel materials not only ensures the safety of the ride, but also makes the car owner feel more assured to drive.In addition to the safety guarantee of the car body, Jeep new Commander also has a more comprehensive guarantee in the aspect of active safety. ACC adaptive cruise system with stop function and FCW forward collision warning system can make the car owner drive more safely on long-distance trips or off-road.In this way, Jeep’s new commander can not only compete with its rivals in all aspects of details, but also has its own unique side. Adhering to the strong Jeep gene, it releases the nature of returning to off-road, so that more people can experience the charm of Jeep.Guangqi FICK Yunnan Yifei Jeep4S store sales hotline: 0871-6833 94334S Store address: Kunming Gaofengxiaotun Automobile City, Yunnan Province (no. 2 door straight inside 100 meters)

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