The us and Russia are testing each other, and if they intervene in Ukraine, Russia may target the US as a soft spot, the latest means revealed

The United States and the United Kingdom and other western countries continue to send troops to Neighboring Countries of Ukraine, and continue to send reinforcements of weapons and equipment to Ukraine. Russia and Belarus are also conducting joint military exercises on the borders of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania. In addition, the Russian army has a large stockpile of medical blood on the front line, which seems to be on the verge of war.Thought that all parties should actively preparing for, only to the United States and Russia at the top and dense calls, on the one hand, America’s top military generals he and the Russian general staff of the rapture he calls, on the other hand is biden and President vladimir putin the two on the phone, what is the brakes in order to give a possible war, or for the impending war rules ahead of time, the outside world.But it is reasonable to assume that both sides are testing each other’s limits and assessing their own potential blows.The Biden administration is desperately trying to put out the message that Russia is about to launch an attack on Ukraine at any time, and is seriously warning Americans in Ukraine to leave within 48 hours, otherwise in the event of war, the United States will not care about you, including Ukrainian President Volodymyk Zelensky very headache.And then the Russians went out of their way to explain that I had no plan.Just when everyone wondered who was telling the truth, the United States began to mess up.According to U.S. media reports, a research report released by the U.S. Market Research Institute warned americans that U.S. semiconductor manufacturers are heavily dependent on neon, palladium and other materials produced in Russia and Ukraine, and that Russia is likely to retaliate.In the SEMICONDUCTOR industry in the United States, more than 90 percent of the neon comes from Ukraine.Meanwhile, more than 35 percent of palladium comes from Russia.In fact, even the neon comes from Russia, but is purified after secondary processing in Ukraine.The United States has repeatedly warned that Russia could face tough economic sanctions if it attacks Ukraine.But if the West persists in its involvement in Ukraine, or even in a war, Russia is likely to target the United States as a weak spot to retaliate.American officials have declined to comment on the issue, but the industry must smell the danger and be keen to find alternative sources.Chipmakers say that even if alternative suppliers are found, the outbreak of war in Ukraine will inevitably lead to higher prices for rare natural gas and supply problems.History is likely to repeat itself. When Crimea was annexed to Russia, the price of neon soared sixfold in a short time.Both Russia and Ukraine are highly integrated into the world economy, and neither would be immune if war broke out.Even if Russia does not have as many cards as the US does, it has no qualms about freezing the assets of US companies in Russia if the US dares to play hardball.In terms of the us-Russia exchanges in the past period of time, Putin’s purpose of asking NATO to give Russia a security commitment is very clear, while the Biden administration may have two purposes to pressure Russia with international public opinion: on the one hand, to promote the Russia-Ukraine war, the US side will benefit the most;On the other hand, if they can’t fight, they should also know Putin’s bottom line so that they can pay the minimum cost.In short, this is a battle between masters. War is the last choice after all, and profit maximization is the key to their thinking.(kang)

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