Zhejiang is greatly cut + Liaoning by strong enemy!Guangdong is the biggest winner in the playoffs

The 2021-22 CBA regular season will continue, with the third phase and the direction of the playoffs still the biggest concern.Despite the strong Liaoning, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Zhejiang teams dominating the top four positions in the table, many fans still expect guangdong, the defending champion, to make a comeback in the third stage and playoffs and win the CBA championship with the strongest team.As a matter of fact, after the second stage of Guangdong Team lost to Liaoning men’s basketball team, Guangzhou Men’s basketball team, Shanghai men’s basketball team and other teams, many fans are very worried about Guangdong team.But don’t forget, guangdong team is not the team’s strongest lineup.After waiting for Zhao Rui and Ma Shang – Brooks to return, the overall strength of the Guangdong team is bound to have a substantial improvement.Even Liaoning, the favorite to win the championship, could not suppress 100% of Guangdong, let alone Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang and other teams that tried to beat Guangdong.In fact, guangdong team is currently ranked fifth in the standings of the good position.Recently, there were two pieces of good news for Guangdong in the CBA league.First, it has been revealed that Maurice N ‘Dour, a big foreign signing of Zhejiang, is likely to join Turkish side Galatasaray Istanbul.According to statistics, Ndo averaged 11.2 points, 6.2 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game last season with Zhejiang.From the tactical system, N ‘Dor is a mobile inside with both strength and shooting, which is the most suitable foreign aid for Zhejiang Team in these seasons.As we all know, zhejiang team can repeatedly beat Guangdong team 20+ score, it is because of Endor in the inside line to support the whole Zhejiang team’s attack and defense system.Now, en duo’s departure is bound to make zhejiang team’s lineup strength was greatly weakened.Zhejiang team in order to support Endor, has sent a small foreign aid Lanzberg to the North Control men’s basketball team.That is to say, in the next match, Zhejiang team has no way to obtain the support of Endor, nor landsberg, can only blame to find new foreign aid or single foreign aid to fight in the future match.Second, that is Beijing shougang men’s basketball’s core big foreign aid Hamilton has ended isolation, the follow-up will be in the near future.Many fans believe that the Beijing shougang team will be the biggest threat to Guangdong team, why is it good?In fact, according to the current CBA standings, the Beijing Ducks are currently only ranked eighth in the CBA standings.Guangzhou men’s basketball team, ranked 7th in the standings, does not have a difficult schedule in the third stage, and it is unlikely that Beijing Ducks will rise in the rankings.That said, the Beijing Ducks will likely face the powerful Liaoning team in the first round of the playoffs.Hamilton is Beijing’s fourth foreign aid this season, the versatile inside will become the Beijing Ducks error tolerance rate of the biggest guarantee.The Beijing team now not only has fan Ziming, Zhai Xiaochuan, Fang Shuo, Li Muhao and other powerful local players, but also four foreign aid.I have to say that The Beijing Ducks will give Liaoning the biggest blow in the first round of the playoffs.It could even be said that The Beijing Ducks could give liaoning the biggest shock, if not an upset.Guangdong will play Zhejiang in the first round and Liaoning in the semi-finals if it maintains its fifth position in the third stage.And by the foreign aid troubled zhejiang team is difficult to be guangdong team’s opponent, after the Beijing Ducks team huge consumption team Liaoning is also likely to be guangdong team cut down.Once guangdong team can win zhejiang team and Liaoning team these two tough, the confidence of the soldiers will be greatly enhanced.With home court advantage in the playoffs in Guangdong, Guangdong could sweep guangzhou or Shanghai in one go and win the championship under du Feng’s guidance.To sum up, perhaps this is the main factor why Guangdong team strategically placed in the fifth place in the standings.

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