How is pore bulky come?You need to get the “reverse hole” position right!

The reason why pores are so big That an ant could get through them, do fairies want to get rid of them right away?Don’t try so hard!Let’s take a look at the origin of these large pores.1, the sebaceous glands secrete exuberance sebaceous glands secrete exuberance, so that the oil in the pores increases, if not cleaned in time, it will accumulate for a long time and hold up the pores.For example: many oil pox skin fairy nose and nose on both sides of the cheek pores are thick is this situation.2, excessive cleaning the other is excessive cleaning, the sebum film to destroy.Some oily fairies frequently use soap-based cleansers, and excessive exfoliation damages sebum membranes.Skin is very clever. If you strip off its outermost layer of clothing (sebum), it signals that it is running low on oil and secretes more oil to protect itself.So into the more wash, the more oil;The more you wash, the greater the vicious circle of pores!3, skin aging aging is divided into two kinds: one is photoaging, one is natural aging.Collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid form the skin’s three-dimensional structure, which makes our skin look firm and plump.Natural aging caused by aging and photoaging caused by ultraviolet radiation will make the elastic fibers and collagen in the dermis begin to break down.Cause skin tension and elasticity to be poor then, because this hair follicle periphery support structure also can become flabby.Therefore, the most easy to see in some dynamic lines, such as crow’s feet, corners of the mouth lines, law lines near the problem of large pores.4, hair follicle hypertrophy hair follicle hypertrophy at the same time, the hair inside the long black, will also support the internal pores.The solution is that there is no effective method to eradicate bulky pores at present, but we can use scientific methods to achieve visible pore reduction effect.If the oil is continuously produced and not removed in time, it will deposit and form fat plugs (simply put, the oil solidifies in the pores) stuck in the pores.So wash your face is very important, it is recommended to choose a few oil control refreshing cleansing milk.For some oily blain blain skin that sebaceous glands secrete exuberant, can use fruit acid that contains low concentration salicylic acid (2% salicylic acid), 10% below concentration skin care products.They promote the shedding of aged cuticle (dead skin) and the renewal of skin cells, making skin smooth and delicate, and reducing fine lines and pores. Salicylic acid is also an anti-inflammatory.Nicotinamide products can also manage pores by controlling oil secretion.With continuous use, the skin can maintain a “low sebum” secretion state.Nicotinamide + vitamin A alcohol (is A combination that is often used in skin care. It can play A 1+1& GT effect on skin.2 effect).They’re both all-rounders, controlling oil, promoting keratin renewal, and stimulating collagen regeneration, which in combination increases efficiency and increases power.2. Medical beauty Project This is a quick and obvious improvement method at present. Here are some examples:Dot-array laser, dot-array radiofrequency (such as gold microneedle radiofrequency) but what kind of specific for which can be to the regular hospital doctor face to understand the situation,Your doctor will decide what’s best for you.Don’t stay up late. It will increase the sebaceous gland secretion and accelerate the aging of human body.Reduce oil and sugar intake, which can increase sebaceous gland secretion.Eat more vegetables and fruits, moderate carrots, pig liver supplement vitamin A and other vitamins.Strict sunscreen, umbrella, hat, daub sunscreen (not too heavy), try to go out when the sun is strong, etc., to delay and reduce the occurrence of coarse facial pores have a certain role.Less makeup, less powder and other skin care products that are easy to cause pore clogging.Do more exercise, sports can accelerate the whole body metabolism, perspiration can take away part of the skin oil, balance water oil.

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