How much money is deposited in Yu ‘ebao?

Chinese people’s awareness of financial management has long been improved. According to official data, the savings rate of Chinese residents has dropped from 50% to around 45%, which is a manifestation of the improved awareness of financial management.The vast majority of ordinary people, have a sense that money is just put, will only depreciate.The most direct way to appreciate your money is to invest, and money funds used to be the most popular way for most people to invest.On the basis of low risk, the return on money funds used to be very high.As early as 2017, flush statistics show that there are a lot of money funds in the 7-day annualized return rate of 5%, more even has reached more than 6%.The best-known money fund, Alipay, had an annualised return of more than 4%.Due to these reasons, monetary fund was once very popular. Of course, the most popular among investors is Yu ‘ebao, a monetary fund equipped with Alipay, which has always been the “king” of China’s monetary fund.According to WIND data, yu ‘ebao’s fund scale reached 1.67 trillion yuan in March 2018, making it the largest monetary fund in China.Although the scale of Yu ‘ebao has declined in the past two years, according to the latest data, by the end of the third quarter of 2021, the scale of Yu ‘ebao was only 764.548 billion yuan.Compared with its peak, yu ‘ebao’s size has “halved”.However, in terms of the overall market, by the end of the third quarter, there were only 28 money funds with a scale of more than 100 billion yuan, while Yu ‘ebao still ranked first in the money fund market despite a sharp decline in its scale.In addition, even though the 7-day annualized return rate of Yu ‘ebao is only about 2%, which is not comparable to 4% in the past, there are still 712,3901 households holding yu ‘ebao, which has exceeded 700 million households.It can be said that more than 700 million people in China, that is, about half of the population, have deposited money in Yu ‘e Bao.Some people even save a lot of money in Yu ‘e Bao.According to the reports released by Yu ‘ebao in the past two years, the largest holder of Yu ‘ebao monetary fund has been the same person from 2019 to the first half of 2021, and he is called “Bang Yi” of Yu ‘ebao by netizens.It is reported that the holder can earn 12,400 yuan a day based on the income from Yu ‘e Bao.According to the calculation, he can earn 4.5 million yuan a year by depositing the money in Yu ‘ebao, effortlessly achieving his goal of earning one million yuan a year, which is unthinkable for ordinary people.A lot of people might want to make money from it, but it’s hard, because to earn 12,400 yuan a day, you have to save a lot of money in Yu ‘e Bao.According to yu ‘ebao’s semi-annual report, the holder holds 220 million shares, in other words, the holder has deposited 220 million yuan in Yu ‘ebao.This amount is not a small number, it seems, to want to make millions of years, the first standard to achieve, is to have hundreds of millions of funds.Still, some wonder why, with billions of dollars to spare, there are better ways to invest.After all, the yield of Yu ‘ebao is much lower than before. If the money is deposited in the bank, it may earn more income.If I put it in the bank, how much money would I have?We can make a simple calculation. At present, the highest annual benchmark interest rate of bank time deposit is 2.75%. If 220 million yuan is deposited, the annual interest rate will reach 6.05 million yuan, which is 1.55 million yuan higher than yu ‘ebao.Moreover, the annual interest rate of time deposits in most banks will be higher than the benchmark rate, so the interest earned by depositing 220 million yuan may be higher than 6.05 million yuan.Of course, there are some reasons why there is no bank. After all, the flexibility of time deposits is far from that of Yu ‘ebao.Yuebao can carry Alipay to make consumption at any time, while the highest interest rate of time deposit is generally 3 years or 5 years, which can not be spent for 220 million years, which is very inconvenient.However, some people say that since this “Bang Yi” has been deposited in Yu ‘e Bao for two years, it is no different from deposited in a bank.We don’t know exactly why this “Bang Yi” has been “sticking to” Yu ‘ebao. After all, even if the profit of Yu ‘ebao is a little lower, it is still 4.5 million yuan per year, which is enough.But, now I don’t know the list of “a” will continue to “stick”, because on January 14, 2022, the securities and futures commission released the latest draft, balance treasure as the larger monetary fund, is an important market funds will be incorporated into the assessment scope, for this type of fund has a lot of measures.Industry insiders said that after the regulation, yu ‘ebao’s annualized return rate may be further reduced.In this case, I wonder if Bangyi will put the 220 million yuan into Yu ‘ebao?Do not know everybody can buy fund at ordinary times?Are you one of yu ‘ebao’s users?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

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