Isolation in the hotel, changning | of the medical staff of this Spring Festival Spring Festival I on-the-job

Changning district in January 2020 the first isolation of hotel opening two whole years later generations of medical workers relay duty guard stand in the forefront of the epidemic prevention and control New Year to one year and one year the Spring Festival for each separate hotel staff stationed in Shanghai’s changning district keep good individual positions at the same time also gave a warm blessing to isolate personnel to accompany them through this special time with them throughThis special Spring Festival in Changning District Tianshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine”The best” and “good luck in the New Year” “auspicious year of the tiger” year in tianshan mountain in the morning of the traditional Chinese medicine hospital in two separate hotel guests received a sprout of tiger shape on the envelope is the key to a beautiful fall “the gift is very delicate and let us feel the heart is the medical staff is the best New Year gift,” said an isolation of the hotel staff stationed more than 600It goes without saying that in order to let the players also feel the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, we bought Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu” early.Pull flower will work area to decorate a new third garrison isolation hotel “veteran” captain Wang Yan and team member wear red army to say old year past New Year beginsAs long as often in the warm and caring to dispel the haze in blooming changning district maternal and child health care from beginning in July 2020 women and children in isolation from a centralized isolation hotel into a local contact/time contact hotel to become yellow code health watch while the nature of the stationary point hotel several rounds of change is high quality work level constant December 27 players methodicallyCollect supplies and prepare for their new challenge Chengjiaqiao Community Health Service Center Put on a white coat,On January 24, when the Chinese New Year of the Tiger was approaching, a six-member team from chengjiaqiao Community Health Service Center entered the quarantine hotel and started the 4-week epidemic prevention management. Although they could not celebrate the Spring Festival with their families, they all said, “It is our duty.”Originally planned to take the children to “celebrate” the winter holiday, but after receiving the task of moving into the isolation hotel, Doctor Feng Lili of the Soothing Department quickly adjusted the Spring Festival plan and brought her in-laws home to take care of the children. “My family is very supportive,They are used to it. “That said, only I know the regretTo isolate point when the “great” rehabilitation department head nurse Qian Fang most concerned about is 7 year old son, husband work busy will only “transfer” in-laws in hubei and immediately to book train tickets in advance with relatives ate dinner two old man then when she arrived at the Shanghai pack their bags ready to go sleepy son embrace she asked “you can not go to, mom?””Mother has something very important to do.”Dr. Zhao, the leader of the team, whose children are still young, called sweetly “dad”, but he knew that there were still so many families who needed to take care of Shuhan and Mengmeng, two nurses who were still children at home, but wearing a white coat was a “soldier” with a sense of responsibility.”Cousin” XiaoHui is SanJin isolation his meticulous and serious, never the point can reduce the fraction “is always someone to do this I hope everyone in peace” is their common aspiration new of community health service center in the isolation of the hotel, the players for quarantine personnel epidemic prevention package long women’s and children’s presence of isolation, hotel,New Year decoration for the festival atmosphere is very district mental health center segregation area in the isolation of the hotel, the players out of the New Year wish the year of the tiger lunar New Year will be stationed in isolated hotel staff with pairs of dab hand play with the environments with each sincere send gifts with isolated personnel for the New Year blessing for a better tomorrow Photos from area WeiJianWei: zhao stand editor:Li Bingqian * reproduced please indicate from “Shanghai Changning” like a “like” welcome comments and “ning ning” interaction to send me a “watching” florets ~

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