Sunan Public Security: it is the best time to sharpen and train the best soldiers in spring

In order to further improve the basic quality of all the police, auxiliary police, establish a good image of the traffic police team, enhance business skills and actual combat ability, effectively enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team, sunan County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade solid spring combat training.Loud slogans cut through the quiet of the morning, neat steps to break the cold dew of early spring.The battalion all participated in the training of the police, auxiliary police from the formation of the police, police posture, traffic police command gestures and other aspects of the system training.The attitude of all the participants is serious and active. During the training, they strive to be full of spirit, complete every training task with high standards and strict requirements, so as to ensure that the work of spring training is solid and orderly, and truly internalize the training movements in the heart and shape outside.The brigade will take the “spring training” as an opportunity to effectively improve the political quality, business skills and actual combat level of all the police and auxiliary police, develop a good work style and discipline style, unite and fight against difficulties, and strive to create a new situation of sunan Public Security traffic management in 2022.(Wang Ai, Lei Xiaoyan) review this issue: traffic police brigade this issue editor: Li Zhipeng this period first review: Wang Xia this period final review: Tang Wensheng

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