“The killer is not too calm” Wei Xiang subvert the traditional comedy, the whole burst output, laugh spray net

I have to say, in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, high-energy movies are one after another, and it is difficult to choose the best one among many movies. What is different from the previous years is that all kinds of comedies are clustered together, but this year is completely different, integrating all kinds of movies, such as war, animation, inspiration, love and so on.Only a pure comedy film is happy twist strong launch is not hard to find the killer is not very calm, since day release, only the most heat this killer is not too calm, box office continues to rise, investigate its reason, is not complicated, because during the Spring Festival, everyone prefers to the cinema to see a family “comedy” before the screening,Some people think that “The Killer is not too calm” is a remake of The Japanese “Magic Time” for it is not very high expectations, and even some marketing account that happy mahua is rubbing off the heat of the previous work, never expected, after the broadcast of the positive film, the effect presented far beyond their expectations and imagination, from beginning to end,Blasting stems constantly so talk to you today the dark horse “the killer is not very calm” during the Spring Festival to say first writers local adaptation, as with most netizens, learned that it is a remake after work, a lot of questions about inner, fearing to root package bell, copy the original show, nothing new, new elements not only failed to fusion,Also has destroyed some of the classic but it turns out that the meaning of the film perfectly presented in the original, serious in play, play the effect of the gag, at some level, it is an independent work, no do not see any shadow of “magic moment”, relying on a solid script, far more than the original on the basis of the original, joined the many different elements, for example love, friendship,Any one element is a point now, don’t slow, not for fun and funny, happy behind mapping is a little sad, any audiences of all ages will laugh after see the film, top comedy actor, wei zifeng plays a bit player actor ‘wei success’ character set with him I have the same effect,Are all in the film of seasoning for dozens of years, but always not welcomed as men, and under an opportunity to yee, comedy queen Mary play the role of the emergence of milan, completely broke his original quiet life to deal with “gang eldest brother” Harvey, deliberately run to cast and let wei success and try in the absence of any script,Let him play ‘killer Carl on the surface of wei success is a tough guy, but it is also an iron han han, because a calm, not leave themselves gradually in many crisis, open a series of routine operation don’t see the last word, never guess what will he do next, is reversed, the acting to an extreme strange flower,Even gang eldest brother from serious questions started slowly became convinced, finally acting not only get the recognition, but also completed the self-salvation is different from other types of film, the film can bring us a lot of comprehension, one without a spoof, 2 without Internet memes, funny lines are all original with high density,Second main story with sheer drama structure contradiction made some unexpected laugh point, the seemingly insignificant a “misunderstanding” to an extreme when everyone wei’s success as a real ‘killer Carl, only he himself thought this was in the act, don’t know if I will face a real mob, and actors and between gangs,Formed the extremely bright contrast, success is not in the CARDS, wei gang eldest brother is a grain of salt, always don’t fathom out his true identity after meeting for the first time, think he is an iron han han, every kind of behavior is not the same as a normal person, for example ‘ones open throat in the car with middle finger holding Harvey, but on the big screen in front of the audience,By wei successfully run circles around one of the gang, more like han han iron in the case of unknown truth on both sides, crazy soaring, stem output, the audience has been made of laughter, some people say that the story is more like a fun twist the speciality of “drama stage” this comment is not without reason, after all, Mary, wei zifeng, drama acting career,In their performances can feel the charm of drama, it is because the two men’s outstanding performance while the ‘false killer in true gangs’ story background is fictional, but character in the story, wei success, milan, but over the course of true feelings, it is not hard to find, they put a lot of some of their inner feelings, to shape the role is in the center,A look at it under a lot of kung fu, did not disappoint like their audience is also because of this, only staged an look absurd comedy, is now the heat of the run, the “the killer is not very calm” already successful ones, the traditional comedy, let the entire network in the audience had a different understanding of comedy, laugh youlei, into the pit is not until the deadline,The box office of the film has successfully reached 900 million yuan, which is undoubtedly the strongest surprise of the Spring Festival. 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