3 message!The Warriors made a 1-for-1 deal!Nets trade for Miesen official offer, kyrie bad news

Everybody is good!Let’s talk about the NBA today and share some NBA news with you: The Warriors reached a 1-for-1 trade.Nets trade micron official offer, kyrie bad news.First, the Warriors made a 1-for-1 deal!Jordan Bell was traded to the Fort Wayne Madants in a deal with the Warriors’ D-League affiliate Santa Cruz, according to media reports.In the deal, the Santa Cruz Warriors got a future D-League first-round pick.In D-League games this season, Jordan Bell is averaging 10.7 points and 12.2 rebounds on 55 percent shooting.Secondly, nets trade rice god official offer.According to media reports, the Nets have made an offer to trade Millsap, that is, another team must send a second round pick.The Bulls are expected to sign Millsap on a buyout, and millsap himself is reportedly interested in joining the bulls.In addition, the lakers are also interested in acquiring Paul Millsap, but the lakers want to sign him after miesen’s buyout, according to media reports.However, the Lakers were not millsap’s first choice, millsap preferred to join the Bulls.And finally, bad news for Owen.During the Nets’ visit to the SUNS, Chuck Hayes spoke about the latest situation of Irving’s team.Hayes pointed out that Irving can only play on the road for now, and fans and media alike are wondering how long that will last.Hayes said he had reached out to New York’s mayor, and a spokesman told him the city had no plans to cancel its vaccination policy.Going forward, New York City will continue to use science to keep the city safe.In that case, Irving will continue to play in the NBA as a part-time player.

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