Chengdu Xinjin: Us “police” accompanied by a safe tour

Luo Zhanglin, a police officer at Yongshang Police station of Xinjin District branch of Chengdu Public Security Bureau, guides tourists to the scenic spot of Huawu In Chengdu, capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan province, Feb. 2, 2019.[Photo by Wang Meng] “There are so many tourists in the scenic area that they have to lock their cars when they park.Enter the door bright code do not cause trouble, put on your mask please.Children must be tight, don’t leave your belongings behind…”The Xinjin branch of the Public Security Bureau in Chengdu city, Southwest China’s Sichuan province, on Feb. 3, 2008, organized police officers to advertise the scenic spot in the city to remind tourists of their safety.During the festival, the 4A-level scenic spot flower dance has become a popular choice for many Chengdu citizens to travel in the suburbs.In view of the fact that most tourists enter the park between 11:00 and 13:00, the Public security Bureau of Xinjin pushes the police force to the front line and scenic spots to the maximum extent, and invests the police force in traffic order control and tourist order maintenance scientifically and reasonably.”Officer, I can’t find my son…”At the exit of the garden maze, an old woman in her 70s asked Luo Zhanglin, a policeman from yongshang Police Station who was on patrol, for help.As the orientation of the maze was not obvious, the old woman and her son came to the maze for the first time. They talked on the phone for more than 10 minutes but failed to clarify each other’s location.”Old man, you don’t worry first, I call your son.”Luo Zhanglin through the inquiry, confirm the position of the old woman’s son, then the old woman safely sent to the side of his son.”During the Spring Festival, the Public security bureau of Xinjin formulated the emergency plan for quick response of scenic spots, concentrated police force and concentrated time to arrange scenic spots, and comprehensively improved the police rate of scenic spots. In the first three days of the Spring Festival holiday, the 110 police situation remained zero.”Luo Zhanglin introduced to reporters.”Everybody takes it easy.It’s Chinese New Year, I believe we don’t come out to quarrel…”Xinjin branch tourism police patrol group by the sea of clouds slide, suddenly heard the queue of tourists in the loud dispute, causing the crowd of onlookers.Police immediately came forward to separate the two sides and pacify persuasion, the original two sides because of the queuing problem caused by disputes.After the police patient work, the two sides finally shake hands and make peace.Xinjian public security, police room set up for the convenience of in the scenic area to optimize the mode of dispute mediation, establish a police station, the scenic area management center, merchants mediators contradiction dispute mediation mechanism fast, simplifying the mediation process, the scene of accepting cases, the on-site investigation, the mediation, the scene, has realized the public security police early treatment, visitor center forward intervention, followed closely by the people’s conciliation seamless docking,Resolve conflicts on the spot.In 2021, the Xinjin Public Security Bureau successfully mediated more than 40 travel-related disputes through the mechanism of quick settlement of conflicts.”Now the scenic area has a large flow of people, please go to maintain order!”The voluntary patrol was ordered to arrive at the scene immediately.With the efforts of the volunteer patrol, order was quickly restored.In 2021, in order to solve the problem of insufficient police force, Xinjin Public Security set up a voluntary patrol composed of police officers, tour guides, merchants, party members, etc., to achieve “small things do not go out of the scenic area, big things do not go out of the district, difficult to the whole area”, the masses praised “down-to-ground and practical”.”Keep an eye out for each other. A visitor just reported losing his black backpack.””Officer, we have a bag in the shop. I’m sending you a picture.”…A few minutes after the message was sent, the lost items were successfully recovered.Xinjin public security innovated the governance model, established the “Flower beauty safety” wechat group composed of police, scenic spots, businesses, hotels and other groups, and realized the functions of police openness, police situation notification, prevention propaganda, police interaction, convenient services and other functions.(Our reporter Tan Guangtao correspondent Liu Jing Wang Meng) Source: People’s Public Security Daily

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