Hawthorn pills can appetizer digestion, but these kinds of people can not eat blind yo

Every winter, the most happy thing is on the way home to buy a bunch of sugar gourd to eat, among which the most common is the sour sweet hawthorn sugar gourd.Hawthorn is not only a kind of fruit that people like to eat, but also a medicine fruit.Hawthorn, lukewarm, sour taste, sweet, non-toxic.It has the effect of eliminating food and strengthening stomach, dispersing qi and blood stasis, removing turbidity and lowering fat.Can be used to treat food stagnation, abdominal distension pain, blood stasis dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain, lochia and other diseases.Figure source | sohu net and the main components of the hawthorn pill preparation is hawthorn, hawthorn pill took the effect of hawthorn xiaoshi jianwei, qi and blood stasis, again complementary with sugar and hawthorn sour, add honey to moist intestines and stomach, finally made the hawthorn pill.It has the effect of eliminating the accumulation of stagnation, for food, meat, stagnation, ruffians full abdominal distension, reduced diet and other symptoms.Although hawthorn pills with appetizing digestion, but the following 6 kinds of people must not eat disorderly!Pregnant women figure source | national health hawthorn has the effect that cause uterine contractions, during be pregnant women eat haw excessive pills, easy to cause miscarriage.Therefore, pregnant women should not eat.Gastric ulcer patients figure source | national health hawthorn belongs to acidic ingredients, in patients with stomach is not healthy, eat too much easy to cause the stomach acidity increases, thus aggravating gastric ulcer.Patients with qi deficiency figure source | national health xiaoshi drugs have the effect of gas consumption, so the debility of people don’t eat as much as possible.Pixu (spleen deficient) with figure source | national health no JiShi shot if the stomach, just because of pixu (spleen deficient), transport function is not good, and don’t want to eat.At this point, taking Hawthorn pills, but will damage the spleen and stomach, in this case should be based on spleen.

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