Jin Guanping: Solid progress in the industrial foundation reconstruction project

Accelerating the implementation of the industrial foundation reconstruction project, promoting the upgrading of traditional industries, promoting intelligent manufacturing, and developing advanced manufacturing clusters are strategic deployment based on the current and long-term perspective, which is of great significance to improve the core competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing.It is not only an important project to deepen the supply-side structural reform, but also an important task to build a modernized economic system, to break the dependence on the traditional economic development path through the implementation of industrial foundation reconstruction.In recent years, the state has successively launched a series of industrial foundation reconstruction projects, as well as policies and measures to support the improvement of industrial basic capacity, which have achieved positive results.Among them, an important performance is the steady production of manufacturing industry, the improvement of efficiency drives the continuous recovery of investment.The value added of the manufacturing sector will account for 27.4 percent of GDP in 2021, 1.1 percentage points higher than the previous year.This boosted fixed asset investment in the manufacturing sector to 13.5%.Local governments have also focused on key areas and stepped up technological efforts.Attaches great importance to the role of innovation in the industrial foundation reengineering, accelerate the key core technology research and promote the key core coordination, upstream and downstream enterprises, vigorously develop ecological industry leading enterprises with the core parts enterprises, strengthen the building of new development pattern, the foundation of the industrial chain to promote the development of high quality.However, there are some problems in the process of promoting industrial foundation reconstruction, which hinder the high-quality development of industrial reconstruction project.For example, long-term support policies for basic sectors are weak, the supply mechanism of key generic technologies needs to be improved, and the integrated development mechanism of relevant departments needs to be established.Some of these problems are long-term and some are new problems emerging in development. We need to focus on reform and innovation, make breakthroughs in policy mechanisms and resource allocation, and make traditional industries more sophisticated, intelligent, and green.It is necessary to perfect the long-term mechanism supporting industrial foundation reconstruction.Local governments need to implement the national enterprise support policies related to specialized and special “Little Giants” from a strategic perspective, strengthen targeted tracking in the later stage, organize regular or irregular evaluation of the effect of policy implementation, timely identify problems existing in the support policies for enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, and explore targeted solutions.It is necessary to strengthen the cooperative development mechanism supporting industrial foundation reconstruction.We will further improve the mechanism for the flow of r&d personnel inside and outside the system, speed up the establishment of an enterprise credit evaluation system, enhance the joint research efforts of key enterprises with high quality credit and universities and research institutes, and promote the construction of a two-way flow mechanism for public R&D platforms.In the field of technology, to break through the “bottleneck” technology bottleneck, forging industry development leading advantage.We will focus on blank technology fields in China, key areas, weak areas, and missing links in the industrial chain. We will carry out projects to tackle key core technologies and products, focus on strengthening the foundation, and reduce the risk of “bottlenecks”.By building a number of new generic technology platforms, we will intensify research on generic, high-end, and forward-looking technologies in basic industries, and solve key generic technology problems.At the same time, we should improve the basic product market promotion and application system to support industrial foundation reconstruction.Select the key enterprise database in key industry fields, improve the discourse power of the complete machine enterprises and enterprise experts in key parts, basic materials and other fields in the evaluation of technological achievements and new products, mobilize the enthusiasm of upstream and downstream enterprises to participate in pre-research, and improve the matching degree of supply and demand.(Jin Guanping via Economic Daily News)

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