Support the rural revitalization strategy!21 rural roads in Pudong named “Four Good Rural Roads” in Shanghai

From cracks and potholes, lack of greening along the road, to now have two-way two-lane road, new road along the planting camphor, boxwood, dwarf lilyturf, such as vegetation, linhe road crash barrier installation, road signs marking the perfect path, show unique U word to the town is sure to be Cao Zhilu has taken on a new look, after transforming the road pavement leveling, driving comfort,To become a “four good rural road”.Recently, the city road transport management department completed each district “four good rural road” demonstration town, demonstration road inspection and acceptance.In the end, 15 towns in the city were named as demonstration towns of Shanghai’s “Four Good Rural Roads”, and 185 highways were named as demonstration roads of Shanghai’s “Four Good Rural Roads”.Xinchang town and Huinan Town in Pudong were awarded the “Four Good Rural Roads” demonstration town in Shanghai, and 21 roads, including Caozhi Road, were promoted to “four Good Rural roads”.The 21 “Four Good Rural roads” are:ZhuQiao star frequently in the town of road, the town of Cambridge kahn, hangtou town longfeng road, Cao Zhilu, lotus route and traffic in the town of three branch, jiale jinqiao town road, towards the regular road heqing town, the town of rivers sand dragon avenue, the town of HuiNa CunDong far east road, has a new road, the town of unity and the big river road, XuanQiao five feng road, yue feng road heqing town, the town of Wan Xiang friends heart, Ruth chao xinguang east of the townBranch road, Shuqi Road and Yongxin Road, Nicheng People’s Road and Zhangjiang Town changmei Road.In order to promote the construction of “four good rural roads”, Pudong will continue to promote the reform and innovation of rural road management system and improve its governance capacity in light of the actual situation. The requirements of standardized, efficient and intelligent management will be integrated into the whole process of high-quality rural road development, and contribute to the rural revitalization strategy and the overall planning of urban and rural development.The highway management organization of Pudong New Area has established a strong financial support system and an emergency support system combining mutual assistance and sharing.At the district level, maintenance inspection and assessment measures and management measures for large and medium repair have been formulated, and systems for road inspection, bridge inspection and information management have been formulated, which have been included in the “Guidance for The Management and Maintenance of Rural Roads in Pudong New Area” together with the maintenance operation standards.Set up six governance mechanism, namely, hierarchical classification management mechanism, with all-round can assign market main body training mechanism, for the party construction of expressway lead “rural highway +” public participation mechanism, the “four one” comprehensive curing mechanism, to rectify, bidding management mechanism, combining with the length of link performance oriented, and the amount of inspection mechanism,Effectively promoted rural highway long-term management.In 2021, 113.08 kilometers of rural roads in Pudong were actually upgraded, of which 106 kilometers were civic projects in the city, with a completion rate of 105.92 percent.In building the “Four good rural roads,” Pudong has integrated natural ecology, industrial development, history and culture into the whole process of road construction and maintenance in rural areas, actively explored the integrated development of rural roads, tourism, and modern agriculture, and built tourism and industrial roads in rural areas, thus providing strong support for the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.Text: Li Jicheng editor: Zhu Shaoyu

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