A campaign was launched to tackle the problem of improper use of Chinese characters

Recently, the state press and publication administration, state administration of radio, television, jointly issued by the implementation of regulation is not in the press and publishing, radio and television use Chinese characters work problem rectification notice (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”), for the press and publishing, radio and television administrative departments at all levels and the press and publishing, radio and television sector units fully understand the importance of specification to use Chinese characters,Further strengthen the responsibility consciousness, insist on apanage management, implement the head of the host system and who published “who is responsible for” the principle of “who makes who is responsible for” sow, of publications, television and the Internet audio-visual program such as the usage of Chinese characters carry out comprehensive inspection and cleaning, and improving the quality of content, give full play to the press and publication, radio and television as a propaganda and standardize the use of Chinese main land.”Notice” pointed out that in recent years, with the rapid development of information technology, the rich Chinese characters font application scenario, the font is more diverse, the diversification words better meet the social needs at the same time, also appeared some font used improper occasion, quality level is low, in particular the “ugly” book “strange book” class information font products,Vulgar and hasty exaggerated distortion of fonts deviates from the writing norms, cultural connotations and aesthetic tastes of Chinese characters, resulting in adverse social influence.The notice makes it clear that the scope of this inspection mainly includes:Books, newspapers, periodicals and audio-visual products and electronic publications, Internet publications and related new media in the header (name), title, cover (including the cover, back cover, spine, etc.), the main page, text content (including text, feed, directories, and copyright record programs and auxiliary article), packaging, decoration, advertising propaganda materials such as words;Titles, titles, subtitles, credits and other characters used in audio-visual programs, dramas, documentaries, cartoons, advertisements and propaganda materials of radio, TELEVISION and Internet.”Notice” requirements, the press and publishing, radio and television administrative departments at all levels should be compacted management responsibility, improve the long-term mechanism, and guide the relevant units of publications, television and the Internet audio-visual program strictly guard a pass to make examination and verification, such as words, incorrect use of Chinese characters, non-standard problem serious rectification, in violation of Chinese character writing rules and aesthetic taste,Shoddy, clumsy, exaggerated, poor look and feel of the font promptly clean up and replace.At the same time, it shall, in conjunction with relevant departments, guide font production enterprises to carry out self-examination, clean up font products that do not conform to national regulations and standards, timely adjust the products that are not standard and not beautiful, and guide them to create more font products that meet market demand and are standard and beautiful.Summary: People’s Daily, China Civilization net original title: “The Problem of Non-standard Use of Chinese characters special Rectification launched”

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