Play the “precision card” of employment service

A job fair tailored for college students was held on a high-speed train from Beijing to Hefei.This is an activity jointly initiated by the National Employment and Entrepreneurship Steering Committee for College Graduates of The Ministry of Education and the Education Department of Anhui Province.The event helps college students take high-speed trains home for free and solve employment problems “on the way”.This year, the scale of college graduates is expected to reach 10.76 million, an increase of 1.67 million year-on-year, both the total and the increment are new highs in recent years.Although many people have expressed their intention to return to their hometown for employment, many offline job fairs have been cancelled due to the epidemic, resulting in great pressure and poor employment channels for graduates.”Job fair on High-speed Railway”, through explaining employment policies, employment guidance and enterprise publicity on the special train for returning home, guides college graduates to return to their hometowns to find jobs and start businesses, enhances the vitality of inter-city talent exchange and promotes local economic development.This is an epitome of precise employment services.For college students, they can learn about the development and talent demand of their hometown on their free way home. If they can get a nearby job opportunity, they can not only ease their homesickness, but also contribute to their hometown.For enterprises in Anhui, high-quality development is inseparable from recruiting talents and taking the initiative to look for needed talents, so as to form a strong support for enterprise development of professional talents.This new form of “mobile employment station” is convenient for job seekers and employers to observe and accurately dock with each other. The relaxed atmosphere is also easy to stimulate the enthusiasm of both sides to participate in and make everyone communicate more smoothly.It is the premise of employment service to know where the employment of college students is difficult and where the employment of enterprises is needed.For example, some college students are eager for employment, but lack of ability and specialty, temporarily unable to get employment;Some unemployed college graduates are not unable to find jobs, but have not figured out their own needs and career development direction, falling into the trap of “slow employment”.Some college students did not find ideal jobs because of narrow job hunting channels and incomplete job hunting information.If we do not carry out diagnostic evaluation and classification according to the actual situation, and develop personalized service programs, it is difficult to truly serve the employment of college students.From “cloud recruitment” to “job fairs on high-speed trains”, it is precisely because relevant departments have accurately grasped the pain points and employment needs of college students under the epidemic that they can provide targeted and diverse employment services.Employment services should be “targeted services”.This is not just a matter for education departments and universities. The whole society needs to work together to build an employment service system that is fully informed, dynamically updated and accurately matched.In addition to accurate employment information, employment management, employment guidance, employment support and other services should be accurate.Through diversified services, college students can get more employment opportunities.For those who want to return to their hometowns to work or start their own businesses, we will actively push support policies based on different needs and strive to provide “point-to-point” services.College graduates with disabilities and families with special difficulties who have left school and have not been employed will be provided with one-to-one employment services according to their different difficulties.Health education and psychological counseling have been carried out to help a small number of college students find suitable jobs as soon as possible.Job fairs on high-speed trains have broadened the career development space and employment space for college students.We look forward to more personalized and precise employment service innovations and attempts to reduce the cost of job hunting, improve the degree of person-post matching, promote higher quality and more full employment, and constantly meet the employment needs of college students.(Han Xiaoqiao)

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