“The world” the most cruel person, double business high but because make a wrong decision, by the audience ridicule

“The world” the most cruel people, double business high but because of making a wrong decision, was ridiculed by the audience if to say the most selfish people, it must be not Feng Huarong, Zhou Rong this couple, they have let everyone unable to ridicule, so today do not say them.But who is the cruelest person?In fact, it is the zhou family, and zhou Zhigang is the most expected eldest brother, yes, brother Zhou Bingyi.As the eldest son of the family Zhou Bingyi is very determined, in the resumption of the college entrance examination by their own efforts to be admitted to Peking University, but also married the governor’s daughter, to say the most to the zhou family to win glory number he.But there is one point to make clear, Zhou Bingyi married Hao Dongmei is not because of the importance of her governor Hao’s daughter this identity, after all, when they married governor Hao’s family has not been vindicated, they are still locked in the cattle shed.If Zhou Bingyi is really so superficial, it is estimated that he would have broken up with Dongmei, and it is impossible to marry her so firmly, even to give up the opportunity for Dongmei.See this who don’t say a sentence: Zhou Bingyi is a good man, he is really love Hao Dongmei, their two-way love also let others envy.Bingyi is a good husband, double shang gao was praised by the audience, but did a wrong thing, so it was ridiculed: too cruel.Zhou bingyi is admitted to Peking University, his IQ must be high.And emotional intelligence is not bad, from his speaking and dealing with the style of things can be seen, Zhou Bingyi has a high emotional intelligence.Shuangshang so high and love his wife, Zhou Bingyi this kind of good man lanterns are not necessarily found.However, zhou Bingyi was praised by people but because of a wrong decision, let the audience ridicule into the play the most cruel people.Everything is perfect chow bingyi, in the end do wrong what decision, let the audience ridicule?In fact, in order to maintain hao Dongmei’s position in their own lying.The Hao family was not even inferior to ordinary people before being rehabilitated. Parents and children had to be separated from each other and could not casually meet each other. The hao family’s old couple had even been locked in a cow shed.And Hao Dongmei is also dropped in the well at that time, lose fertility from now on, but Zhou Bingyi does not care is bound to marry Dongmei for wife.Zhou Zhigang is a very traditional father, he can not accept a woman who will not give birth to do daughter-in-law, but as the eldest brother of the family has the task of carrying on the family line, so Zhou Bingyi dare not tell his father.He was afraid that the family would not be able to accept dongmei, or that others would embarrass her, so he took the blame and told his father there was something wrong with him.When Zhou Zhigang heard this, tears were clearly in his eyes, but he fought back the tears because he knew his son felt worse than he did.I do not know what Zhou Bingyi thinks, looking at the father’s eyes of the bear he is distressed, but the audience is very distressed the old father, even if he is difficult to accept the fact can also have to comfort his son.Zhou Bingyi for Dongmei consideration is understandable, but he does not want to think about his father!It was a foolish decision for him to cheat on his father for his wife. He didn’t know how much he made his father sad.Originally Zhou Zhigang felt that the hao family is a section, people are high stem family parents have knowledge, his family is a worker, he and his wife also do not know what characters.If hao home parents wise also said, but people don’t look at zhou, Zhou Bingyi will only let Zhou Fu in hao home more can’t afford to lift the head.So zhou Bingyi this decision is selfish, wrong, cruel, he not only let his father worry, sad, but also let him feel guilty to the Hao family.He wants to protect dongmei can use other methods, for example, find a suitable time to say, is not so let his father inferiority.Zhou Zhigang is traditional, but he is not unreasonable, since he can accept Zheng Juan and Nannan, how can not accept the dongmei will not have children, just a matter of time, after all, he has Zhou Bingkun this younger son, the family must not rely on the eldest son.

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