Booker scored 26 points and nine players in a double in phoenix’s home victory over Orlando

February 13, Beijing time, the NBA regular season resumed.The SUNS built an early double-digit lead and routed the Magic 132-105 at home for their fifth straight win and second straight loss.Booker scored 26 points, five rebounds and five assists, Ayton had 17 points and 10 rebounds, and Paul had 10 points and 15 assists.For the Magic, Suggs had 20 points, six rebounds and 10 assists, Carmelo Anthony had 17 points and Wendell Carter had 14 points and 11 rebounds.Anthony opened the game with a 3-pointer, Booker assisted Ayton on a jumper, Wagner Jr. hit a 3-pointer, Paul responded with a mid-range shot, and Suggs scored consecutive 3-pointers. Paul assisted Bridges on a 3-pointer, and Suggs and Ayton hit baskets.Bridges pulled off a rebound and drove to the basket, crowder sliced for a layup, and Paul dunked ayton.Carter passed to Suggs for a 3-pointer in the bottom corner, Paul drove for a 3-pointer, and then lobbed a pick-and-roll pass to Ayton for an empty basket.Anthony cut the ball into the lane and made a difficult drive. McGee stole the ball and sent it to Payton, who counterattacked and helped Bridges cut the ball for a layup. Rose made a front stop in the middle and pulled it into the middle.Johnson steals to Booker, Payton makes a 3-pointer, end of first quarter, SUNS 36-26 Magic.In the second quarter, Payton made a defensive breakaway, clegg came out and helped Crowder hit a 3 from the bottom corner, Rose answered with a 3 from the top, and Harris passed Clegg for a layup.McGee scored on a lob in the paint, Rose picked up a screen for a 3-pointer, Johnson scored on a left-handed layup, and Craig scored on a rebound.Paul came out to the free throw line and hit a jumper. Suggs quickly pushed a dragon, and Paul helped Johnson hit a 3-pointer from the bottom corner.Ayton hit a midrange shot, Paul hit a pass to Clegg for a layup, Suggs broke through the stick for a reverse layup, booker missed, suggs got the ball straight to Wagner jr.Ayton hit a fireball and Paul stole a layup for Crowder.Paul hits a floater to ayton and phoenix leads by 21!Carter grabbed the rebound of his teammate’s missed free throw and pushed aside Ayton to put in a 2+1, Bamba, Booker three Pointers, at the end of the half, the SUNS 67-53 Magic.Easy side to play again, Wagner drives carter to the basket, bamba makes a 3, Booker makes a quick stop, Anthony makes a 3, magic back to single digits.Booker and Bridges scored from midrange, Wagner broke through a screen and hit a layup, booker hit a 3-pointer and stepped back for a shot.Suggs hit the rim and was blocked, Paul converted a 3-pointer through Ayton’s pick-and-roll, Wagner made a layup, Booker fired back from midrange, and Anthony missed a pass straight to Bridges, who dunked.Wagner then hung Carter to catch the dunk, Carter, Ayton hook hook basket score, then Carter challenges Ayton front break layup into booker chase body three points with an arrow through the heart.Booker dribbles to McGee, carmelo Anthony makes a floater, Booker gets it from midrange, Harris dribbles to Carter on the way down.Okiki hits another three, payton switches to Craig.Three quarters end, Magic 78-100 SUNS.At the end of the quarter, Johnson broke through the left side to hit the board for a layup, Wagner hit three, Payton breakthrough to Clegg progress, Okiki, Clegg has hit three.Mackey the basket carried the sag, directly into the small Wagner breakthrough to buckle McKee was direct cap off, Bridges, Ross has three points up, sag dunk the ball a dragon fry basket, small Horace mann di debut appearance is complete, three points after miss borrow pick-and-roll breakthrough new owner first – point and toss, lead the sun enters the “waste time”, romp to 5 in a row.Magic: Kol Anthony, Suggs, Wagner jr., Wendell Carter, Bamba SUNS: Paul, Booker, Bridges, Crowder, AytonIf the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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