“Double minus” or empty talk?Many parents are worried about the drawbacks of reducing the burden

When it comes to children’s education, the ultimate goal of almost all parents is to “make their children successful”.In other words, let students enter good middle schools, good high schools and good universities, and then accumulate wealth through higher-level employment to lead a material life.For a long time, parents have been working hard on this road, not daring to relax, lest their children fall behind others.The education reform measures are like a “dial”, touching the tension of parents, especially the arrival of the “double reduction policy”, but also set off a big wave in the parents.After a semester of “double reduction policy”, why parents are more anxious?When it comes to the “double reduction policy”, I believe many parents feel that the implementation of the policy seems to be happening in front of them, but in fact, the pace of “double reduction” has been more stable and further.From the current situation of off-campus training institutions, the major head education and training institutions have gone through the early lucky psychology, transition and adjustment in the middle.Now, education and training institutions have clearly realized the irreversibility of the “double reduction policy” and are looking for ways out.Some head enterprises to do live agricultural products with goods, and teaching and training enterprises to sell down jackets…And without the compulsory after-school training, students no longer need to go to after-school cram schools to continue to make up for their lessons, which reduces the pressure on children.Now, under the “double reduction policy”, students have passed a semester smoothly. According to the truth, at this stage, students and their parents have entered the adjustment period of the policy, but the parents are more anxious. Why is this?To be honest, parents know in their hearts that reducing burden is of great significance to students, but understanding is one thing and acting on it is another.After all, whether it is the high school entrance examination or the college entrance examination, the final “hero” should be judged by the results. When the off-campus training institutions that do not meet the standards are closed down, families with a solid economic foundation can hire live-in teachers, while higher-learning families can help themselves, but most ordinary families are caught blind.In addition, now compliant education and training institutions can only be “online” again after they become non-profit models, which means that the education and training industry is trapped in an environment of “many monks but few flesh”, and tutoring costs may not reach the original teaching level even if they keep rising.Therefore, when the disadvantages of reducing the burden gradually appear, many parents are very worried. On the one hand, they do not want their children to enter cram schools with different ability levels, but on the other hand, they hope that students will be excluded from key high schools and high-quality schools.When the double reduction policy entered the campus, the situation of students made their parents worried. In fact, the “double reduction policy” not only put forward clear requirements for off-campus training institutions, but also carried out a series of norms and adjustments on campus.However, when the policy comes into school, parents are still full of anxiety about their children’s school conditions.Although the “sleep order” and the restrictions on homework allow students to have more time to develop their interests and improve their overall quality.But because the child is young and at the edge of adolescence, if the school and parents do not restrain, it is likely to be so “muddling through”, and finally only the parents suffer.In addition, some parents think the school “no ranking” is not wise.In the eyes of this part of the parents, “no ranking” although is a “FIG leaf” to protect the dignity of students, but this “FIG leaf” in the real entrance examination, college entrance examination, has played no role.As the saying goes, “The fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold.” If students can’t face up to their real level and work hard in daily life, how can they get good grades?It can be seen that under the background of the “double reduction policy”, even though most of their children’s time and energy return to school, parents are still worried.Will “double reduction” be empty talk?Although the “double reduction policy” has been implemented for a semester, many parents still question the correctness of the “double reduction policy”.Because from a personal point of view, from the short-term goal, take the child’s future “experiment” is too hasty, will greatly increase the uncertainty of the child’s future.The answer, however, is almost always no.Because the “double reduction policy” is actually beneficial to the long-term development of education, there may be unsatisfactory or defective areas in the implementation process at the present stage, but the policy will never change constantly.After all, no matter what kind of policy, the implementation of the policy must go through a process of promotion and improvement, which is the so-called “labor pains period”.The double reduction is a national long-term strategic measure, but also a measure to ease the anxiety of parents. It is beneficial to the healthy development of education and to reduce the educational burden of families. Therefore, parents should actively face it and take measures to cope with it.Any policy needs a period of adaptation, and parents need to get their attitude right. Whether it is the new college entrance examination policy or the “double reduction policy”, as ordinary people, we have no control over it, but can only deal with it positively.So parents should return their attention to improving their children’s personal competitiveness, which is not only reflected in how high the children’s paper scores are, but also reflected in the child’s personality is sound and so on.Overall, no matter where the policy goes, the safest response is to improve the level of individual students.Today’s topic: Do you support the “double reduction policy”?

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