Weng ‘an: in the “imminent” state to build a solid epidemic prevention and control barrier

For continuous epidemic prevention and control work, the effective prevention and control and reduce the risk of the disease spread, weng ‘an county to the station, high-speed ramp mouth, farmers market, supermarket and so on personnel intensive place controls, go all out to defend “zero infection” the bottom line, in order to “combat” state pays special attention to the source control, build to build a real outbreak of defense, to ensure the people’s life safety and health.Scientific and efficient traceability for epidemic prevention and control is a crucial link in epidemic prevention and control. After receiving the letter of assistance, it is a race against time to beat the virus and cut off the transmission chain of the epidemic.Weng ‘an county health bureau set up epidemic prevention and control office, need on duty 24 hours a day, after received in other parts of the investigation letter, quickly with the public security, CDC and other departments closely linked, analyze the contacts in weng ‘an event track, quickly master contact, the contact person’s working life, in order to accurately control and prevention measures.”Our job responsibilities are mainly against time, received instructions, quickly into the state, working overtime day and night, from the mass of data and drip details to find the source, race against time on the epidemic clues for data cleaning, to find out the weng ‘an trajectory, and analysis and judgment,The more quickly we grasp the location, time and contact groups of key personnel involved in the outbreak in Weng ‘an, the more detailed the better, the faster we can eliminate the risk of imported epidemic, block the spread of the epidemic transmission chain, ensure that every clue timely landing, timely elimination of risks and hidden dangers.”Weng ‘an County Health bureau epidemic prevention and control office staff Liao Yuquan said.In order to effectively improve the emergency response capacity of COVID-19 prevention and control, strengthen awareness, optimize procedures, and fulfill the responsibilities of all departments to ensure that emergencies are effectively handled in the first place, Weng ‘an County conducted an emergency drill of nucleic acid testing for all members of COVID-19 prevention and control to improve emergency response capacity.To simulate a drill to find risk timely, for short, stop up the leaks, strength, improve the epidemic prevention and control “contingency plans, scientific and accurate implementation of the monitoring and early warning, medical treatment, emergency treatment of the whole chain, each link such as preparation, fully consider various kinds of emergency, to ensure that once the outbreak, to the first safe disposal in place;Colleagues’ emergency drill not only strengthened the organization and coordination of emergency response to COVID-19 in Weng ‘an County, but also more effectively tested all staff sampling, transportation, testing and result feedback, and improved the practical skills and emergency response level of flow control professionals.Completes the epidemic prevention materials reserves and improve the ability of disease prevention and control to improve the ability of emergency disposal of weng ‘an epidemic prevention and control, weng ‘an county health bureau to keep alert, compaction, solid do a good job in epidemic materials reserves according to the requirements of the epidemic materials classification, reserve supplies a baseline examination of epidemic diseases, the first time for reserve supplies again detailed registration, shortage of positive purchasing materials,All kinds of emergency supplies will be placed and managed by classification, in standby state at any time, to provide a strong guarantee for responding to emergencies.Increase control efforts, to ensure that one person in the face of the current national epidemic point, wide, frequent situation, Weng ‘an county to increase the station, highway ramp, farmers’ markets, supermarkets and other crowded places of control, strictly implement the “ask a test a sweep code a registration” monitoring measures,To “combat” state pays special attention to the prevention and control efforts to build a source epidemic prevention and control of solid defense, in weng ‘an high-speed ramp mouth, by county public security, health care, the villages and towns (street), and other departments of coordination linkage group, set up the mechanism of “four shifts” work, 24 hours a day shift unattended, stem the input source, ensure no leakage one,We will do our best to guard the “first line of defense” for foreign personnel entering the VAT.Correspondent Tang Yong editor Lu Taiming editor Mo Yu Zhang carry forward

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