Zelensky: We don’t want to die asking for real help from the West

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attends the 58th Munich Security Conference on February 19, local time.At the meeting, Zelensky addressed western countries: “You have been saying that there will be war in the next few days, but you have not done anything. What are you waiting for?We don’t want to lie in coffins waiting for the enemy to come in.”Zelensky repeatedly urged the United States to impose sanctions on Russia immediately, but the United States insisted that sanctions should be delayed until After The invasion. “When the firing starts, we are under fire,” Zelensky said, “why do I need sanctions from you?”Zelensky said the West should stop predicting the exact timing of The Russian invasion, adding that the continued threat of war is affecting Ukraine’s economy and people’s mental health, and that the West should provide real help.Mr. Zelensky also said the world security architecture had collapsed and called for a meeting of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council to provide new guarantees for Ukraine.(Editing: Yin Zi)

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