Everything will be better after the New Year

Tomorrow, sixth day. It just seems like it’s hitting me now.I have no idea what time it is. If I don’t check my phone, I don’t know what day of the week it is.Have to say, this year’s Spring Festival, is the most comfortable, grandma is not here, including aunt’s family do not have to run back and forth, young people are not so many rules and sense of ceremony.Study in the morning, outdoor activities after lunch break, to ensure that children can bask in the sun for two or three hours, the most important, feel comfortable, eat well, play well, have a good rest, when learning more focused, high efficiency.This is probably my favorite state, simple, not tired of interpersonal relationship, do their own, first to manage their own life.Near noon, I called my mother, the three years of grandma’s memorial day has finally been determined, if there is no change, the children just started school, then go back, make up for the Spring Festival relatives.Oneself a person goes back, also did not have so much courtesy to deal with.The New Year really begins, work hard, for this wonderful beginning!

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