Fourteen sword Ji Sally incident ended, Zhang Jiwen did not express views, but with Rita crying predecessor

All kinds of Internet love overturned the case is countless, Sally, ball ball, fourteen sword ji event made a boiling uproar, the woman accused the man to cheat money cheat sex, the man immediately opened live to clarify themselves.Once be involved in money no matter what thing can make bigger and bigger, as the evidence of Liza is more and more, 14 sword ji explains gradually weak, 14 sword ji is defeated finally retreat, many anchors also come to eat melon.Fourteen sword ji as a veteran level anchor, now can be said to be gathered in the live broadcast of countless melon users, the same as the anchor of the netizens also eat melon in the dark.Because this matter involves many anchors, a public punishment, the personnel involved also became “street rats.”Also as the league of Legends anchor Zhang Jiwen naturally also heard of this thing, but he is very calm about this thing, completely do not care.Zhang Jiawen’s previous relationship experience was not happy, but now he is flourishing in the anchor circle. His previous relationship was completely with the wrong person. He not only lost his money but also his partner, so he doesn’t want to eat too much melon in similar situations, which will remind him of some bad memories.Before, Zhang Jiawen told Rita that he had given the money to his predecessor. Later, Zhang Jiawen wanted to get the money back from his predecessor, but was attacked by the other party, accusing him of asking for money all the time.Now encounter this kind of emotional dispute, Zhang Jiawen instead lost interest, do not want to say anything more.Zhang Jiawen said online love needs to be careful, meet the object of money immediately separate, do not have the brain silly to each other, both men and women to protect themselves, cheater scum is regardless of gender, so Zhang Jiawen think less online love is good, so you will not encounter these messy things.In a word, from the pattern of grey break to Sally, ball ball, fourteen Sword Ji, it has to be said that the relationship between anchors is really complicated, the same anchor eat too much melon, it is easy to get burned, and Zhang Jiwen chose to stay aloof in this chaos, to view from the perspective of the onlooker.What do you think about that?At the same time, I also hope that Zhang Jiawen will not meet girls like his predecessor, what do you think about this?

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