Rongge talk about the Winter Olympics, ski jumping will hurt?

Hello, I am Rong Ge from China Science and Technology Museum. Welcome to watch the “Charming Winter Olympics Series” of Rong Ge. Today, we will talk about a “flying event” — ski jumping.Ski jumping is also called “snow jumping,” which sounds a lot like diving, right?Indeed, all require athletes to jump from a high place and then fall.This year’s Winter Olympics, ski jumping competition has 90 meters standard platform, 120 meters platform and team competition.What is the concept of 120 meters?If it were a building, it would be at least 3 or 40 stories high!It’s not a parachute jump, it’s a swish jump with no protection, and you land on solid snow.Rongge’s legs trembled just to think about it.How do snowjumpers get away with it?Well, first of all, let’s figure out, what is snow jumping?Far away!Speed is the key to distance.Yes, the whole descent process is mainly divided into four stages, which are the assist stage, the take-off stage, the flight stage and the landing stage.To reduce air resistance, skaters squat and extend their arms back against their bodies.In order to speed up the take-off phase.Once you’re in the jump phase and in the flight phase, you should aim for the ultimate goal of the race — to fly further.After years of exploration, the classic v-shape, which leans forward and separates the skis forward, has been developed, and other poses have been developed to take full advantage of the aerodynamics to fly further.Back to the beginning of the rong Brother’s question, this in the sky fly fast and far, landing is not more dangerous?Our usual sense of “high altitude projectile”, no matter how you throw, in the sky when the acceleration caused by gravity, the speed is faster and faster.But as soon as the object hits the ground the velocity goes to zero.All of the kinetic energy is released, and that’s basically absorbed by the object and it’s going to do a lot of damage to the object.Let alone 100 meters, the height of 3 meters, we ordinary people jump down also pier choke.But it’s different for ski jumping.First of all, ski jumping take-off and landing slope that is strictly calculated: athletes take off and landing track, and their parabola trajectory is consistent, even if a mistake, it is difficult to land vertically;Secondly, the landing surface is an inclined plane. The slope of the inclined plane decomposes the horizontal force, forming an Angle between the falling force and the landing slope force, and converting the downward impact force into the acceleration force on the inclined plane.Even when the athlete lands, speed does not drop to zero. Instead, he continues to glide for a while, using ground friction to slow down and finally stop.It’s like a plane landing.I don’t think I’ve ever seen a civil jet shoot vertically on a runway.In addition, athletes also have to pay attention to the equipment.Ski suits are usually made of synthetic fibers and lined with foam to cushion the impact of landing.And for safety, ski jumping clothes are thickened at the knees, hips and elbows.In addition, the skis of ski jumping are also specially made. Ordinary skis are usually the same length or shorter than the athlete’s height, but the skis of ski jumping are generally 1.46 times the athlete’s height, which also provides a guarantee for landing stability.And the fixers on the skis, which loosen quickly when the athlete falls, also prevent further injury.At the end of the day, they’re all scientifically and professionally trained.It’s so easy to fly anywhere!

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