The Chinese team is the most stable gold!The 3+X champion group is expected to break a world record

Beijing time on February 5, the Winter Olympics short track speed skating mixed relay event will decide the gold medal.For the Chinese team, the gold medal is a must.After all, China won two gold, one silver and one bronze MEDALS in the short-track mixed relay last year.For this reason, the mixed relay event in short track speed skating is seen as China’s most secure gold medal in Beijing.It is worth mentioning that since this event is a new event in the Winter Olympics, if China wins the gold medal, it will make history in the Winter Olympics.Thanks to the effective control of the epidemic in China, the short track speed skating team was able to finish its preparation for the Winter Olympics with high quality.The most evidence of this point, is China’s short track speed skating team last year short track speed skating World Cup outstanding record.Especially in the mixed relay event of short track speed skating, The Chinese short track speed skating team won two gold MEDALS, one silver medal and one bronze medal in the four races.Such excellent performance also made the event China’s most stable gold medal in the Beijing Winter Olympics.China’s short track speed skating team may even set a new world record when they return home, considering their performance in last year’s World Cup.Coincidentally, according to the event schedule of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the short track speed skating mixed relay event also became the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation in this games.Needless to say, the pressure on the short-track skaters has turned the Chinese team into what viewers have dubbed the “3+X” team.Wu Dajing, the 500-meter short-track speed skating champion at the last Winter Olympics, can basically lock up a spot.After all, he has a lot of big tournament experience and has been in good form recently.Ren Ziwei, who finished in the top five in all three World Cup points in the 500m, 1,000m and 1,500m, is also assured of a spot.As for the rest of a certain quota, it is likely to be born in 1999 zhang Yuting.Despite her young age, she performed well in last year’s World Cup, winning two gold MEDALS and one silver medal with Wu Dajing and others.The question then arises, who will be the “X”?The answer is probably Fan Kexin or Qu Chunyu.Fan kexin, 29, has more experience, having won the 500-meter short-track speedskating title at the World Cup and world Championships and a silver medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.However, Fan Kexin is not good at self psychological adjustment weakness, let a person worry that she will play abnormal.At the Pyeongchang Games four years ago, Fan lost MEDALS in both the 500-meter short-track speedskating event and the relay because of fouls.Going back further, Fan kexin crashed out of the final in the 500 meters, her best event at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.Compared to Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, who has less competition experience, has a big heart.From last year’s short track Speed skating World Cup competition performance, Qu Chunyu’s play is very good.So, for the fourth place in the mixed relay, there was a dilemma: who to choose.Considering that the mixed relay event is China’s first strong gold medal in these Winter Olympics, it is believed that Qu Chunyu has a better chance to compete.Look forward to “3+X” team can win the first gold medal for China!

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