We made solid progress in improving the rural living environment in newly built areas

“Rural health and environment have taken a new look…The villagers felt the warmth of the Party and the government, and experienced real changes in life and agricultural production…”At the beginning of the New Year, the Shigang Town Party Committee of xinjian District received a letter of commendation written by the old party members.The writer is Xia Bangyun, a retired xiajia primary school teacher. He sincerely thanks the Party and the government for their good policies and measures to make the rural environment better and better.Wide and clean roads, scattered houses, clean and bright farmyard……Walking into Xiajia Village, Shigang town, a beautiful rural landscape of ecological beauty and excellent environment came into sight.”Last year, under the leadership of village cadres, the village set off an upsurge in rural living environment improvement.The village arranged a cleaner, every household to implement the ‘three packages in front of the door’, but also issued a garbage can, convenient and clean.The environment has changed dramatically, and I applaud the Party and the government from the bottom of my heart.”Xia Bangyun introduced the original intention of writing the letter to the reporter, mentioned the village cultural center just built he was more happy to give a thumbs-up, “now everyone has places to dance, play chess, read books and newspapers, exercise, entertainment is more convenient, my retirement life is richer!”Xia Bangyun sent a letter of commendation is just a miniature of the harvest results of the renovation of rural living environment in the new area.It is understood that in order to make the rural living environment remediation work to form a normal long-term management and protection, Shigang town of the town of 132 natural villages to implement each village “monthly assessment” mechanism, through observation and comment, cross scoring, villages show the “report card”, the formation of “than learning to catch up” strong atmosphere.In Xishan Town quanzhu tea garden village, villager Yu Hongliang returned home for the Spring Festival is also very surprised by the changes in the face of his hometown: “This time back is really completely different, there are quite big changes everywhere, especially in the village road, the former yellow mud road has become a tarred road.Seeing that my hometown is so beautiful, we who struggle abroad would like to come back to visit it often.”In the improvement of rural living environment, the members of the Party and the government of Xishan Town combined with the rural revitalization strategy, took the construction of rural roads as the starting point, divided the areas, and gave assistance to them. They built 19 new rural areas, upgraded three rural roads, and brought tangible benefits to nearly 10,000 people in five administrative villages.From getting rid of “dirty and messy” to pursuing rural beauty, the village appearance of Xishan Town has undergone great changes, and the quality of life of villagers has also been greatly improved.”For rural development, the environment is the underpinning.In the next three years, we will build five demonstration villages for rural revitalization and 54 model villages for common prosperity each year, focusing on road improvement, improvement of rural living environment and improvement of rural characteristic industries, in accordance with the goal of “achieving results in one year, making major changes in two years and setting benchmarks in three years”.At the same time, 1,050 villages will be upgraded in three years, and public infrastructure in rural areas will be gradually improved, so that beautiful villages will be transformed from temporary beauty to permanent beauty, and from partial beauty to full beauty, making them more livable and more rewarding for villagers.”Deng Minchao, a member of the Committee of the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Areas, said.(Xia Fengwen nanchang Daily reporter Liu Fan)

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