What sustents the fisherman’s mentoring relationship?Profit or fishing method

The most important news in the fishing world in the New Year is the incident of Li Damao and his apprentice. Right and wrong are in the heart of the people, and everyone has different interests and different environmental status. To quote hua Shaoxin, “To fish, learn to be a man first.Li da mao.the pour out camera to poach fish is cultivate one’s morality raises a gender, can be seen from this event, hurt each other also is certainly there, from the point of interests, because plant bait advertising problem, teacher and pupil both ready for a bait in promotional advertising, but the teacher is a pioneer, has had many years of cooperation, the disciples are latecomers, the key factor of the interest disputes.What is the most important thing for a fisherman?Cultivating one’s mind is the best thing about fishing, but not anymore.The dispute of interests and the smell of money filled the air, teachers and apprentices have made clarification and explanation, but justice is comfortable in people’s hearts.Starting from the original job, the annual salary is 20/300,000 yuan. I don’t need to spend a penny, but I just take money. A bottle of Red Bull is bought by others.We can also see that the master said that he was worthy of his apprentice, and that he taught him his fishing skills without reservation. The apprentice did not refute this, which seems to be true.I saw the clarification from the apprentice that the camera was taken after leaving the job. The master and apprentice should have communicated with each other in advance. Judging from the original relationship between the master and apprentice, they should never have contacted each other at ordinary times, otherwise there would be no need to send videos to clarify these matters.Apprentices with master should call the master to ask the situation, to avoid the suspicion of digging is supposed to be done, this is not now to clarify also can not avoid the suspicion of digging.The clarification of the apprentice did not even bring out teacher Hua and Xiao Cui. It was seen that the clarification of the apprentice had played a certain role in the fishing career.The disciple said that he had been calculating and did not take him as…We are not clear about the details of the situation, so there is a lot of room for imagination.Apprentices and their masters sent videos to clarify the matter. It is still the same saying that people should be fair and comfortable. If you want to learn fishing, you should learn to be a man first.There is no wrong or right way to fish. The attitude of the fisherman is the decisive factor. Whether it is profit or reputation, filial piety is the first priority for fishing morality.What do you think diao De is?Look forward to your insights in the comments section.

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