When the subsidy for new energy vehicles is zero, we can see who is wearing swimming trunks.

The “dispute” between Russia and Ukraine brought the most intuitive feeling to the Chinese people is that the price of gasoline, just want to switch guns to consider pure electric vehicles, power battery prices.Coupled with continued subsidy regression, it can be predicted that in the next two or three years, the subsidies for new energy vehicles will be less and less, or even zero.It is also possible that a series of benefits such as free green card and exemption from purchase tax will be abolished.Put yourself in your shoes. If you only have one electric car in your house, and you’re only allowed one, your anxiety will always be there, whether it has a range of 400km or 800km. The difference is just your radius.For example, the endurance of 400km dare to run from Shanghai to hangzhou and back, the endurance of 800km dare to run to anhui, once the endurance falls within 100km, the anxiety will be anxious.This has nothing to do with whether the stock market value of car companies is soaring or whether the pie of new forces of car making is well drawn.Back to the beginning of the topic, when the halo attached to the policy of new energy vehicles is stripped, the family is only allowed to buy one car, which new energy vehicles will not be affected to survive?I think there’s about three types of cars.The first category is the A00 and A0 class pure electric vehicles, which I call “Moy Le”, such as Hongguang MINI EV, which will see a huge sales volume of nearly 400,000 units in 2021.In Shanghai, Wuling Hongguang MINI EV was initially sent to Shanghai as a gift, but was suspended in April 2021 due to the rapidly rising sales volume occupying a large amount of new energy Shanghai license.There has been a rumor on the street that “new energy vehicles with a length of less than 100,000 yuan or 4.6 meters will no longer be given Shanghai plates”, but there has been no official relevant policy, Shanghai district DMV has not given a reply.The same situation also has Chery eQ1 small ant, Ben Ben EV, Cleve CLEVER, zero run T03, Sihao E10X, Ding Mango, Nezha V and other models, facing only “buy vegetables car”, “pick up baby car” market, office workers to commute for transport.If subsidies are removed, sales will not be affected much because prices are low enough.The second type is the extended-range electric vehicle, the car with a generator, the endurance is not enough to directly refueling charging, such as the ideal ONE.But the premise is that the car should be big enough to combine the two powertrains in the car, or you can think of it as an upgraded hybrid.The main difference between them and regular hybrids is that they have a longer pure electric range and, of course, are more expensive.For now, Nissan’s E-Power is essentially a range-extender and inexpensive, but it probably doesn’t count in the neV category because it can’t be plugged in and doesn’t have enough pure electric range, but it’s cheap.The third category is hybrid models, which have two subdivisions: plug-in and unplug-in, representing the models are BYD Qin and Leiling dual-engine respectively.The current policy is very simple, plug in new energy, not unplug, but the principle is similar, the only difference is that the plug-in hybrid energy to charge the car separately.However, whether it is fuel efficiency or driving sense, Japanese hybrid (Toyota, Honda) are better than domestic models.It is possible that the Japanese hybrid will take off after the subsidy is completely withdrawn.Write last: Warren Buffett famously said, “When the waves go out, we know who’s swimming naked.”For a new industry, core competitiveness is very important.You can put cool or weird doors on a new-energy car, and the lights can project hundreds of thousands of GIFs, and it can sell for 800,000 or millions.But there is one thing that must be made clear, you are building cars, not electronic products, the core competitiveness should be stability and safety, build cars always for sales, not subsidies!

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