Inheriting the red gene, the Party school of Hunan Provincial Party Committee held an activity themed “Qingming Festival honoring heroes” in memory of revolutionary martyrs

Hunan Daily · New Hunan, April 5 (Reporter Yang Jiayjun, reporter Huang Chuan and Deng Rong) Today, all students of the first round of the main class of the spring semester of 2022 of the Party School of The Provincial Party Committee carried out memorial activities with the theme of “inherits the red gene, remembering the revolutionary martyrs”, and collectively remembered the martyrs and died in a dignified manner through memorial and silent tribute.(At the event.Correspondent Ouyang Zhiqiang photograph) Qingfeng stand respect heroes, songtao speechless comfort heroes.More than 225 students in the main class, dressed in white jackets, black trousers and party member badges on their chests, stood solemnly and bowed deeply.All the students held a three-minute silent tribute to the revolutionary martyrs and reviewed the pledge of party membership.”To pay tribute to the heroes and commemorate the martyrs, we need to have a deep understanding of how the PARTY set out, came to and marched forward in the past 100 years since its founding.”Provincial party committee party school vice school (courtyard) long Cao Jianhua hope the students to remember their first identity is the communist party member, the first responsibility is to work for the party, remember history in absorbing power forward, with practical action to inherit the legacy of martyrs of the revolution, constantly create the history and the performance of the people, take concrete actions to comfort the souls of revolutionary martyrs.Students have said to stimulate patriotism, enhance the sense of historical responsibility, with practical action, in response to the green civilization sacrifice, make qingming memorial more meaningful.”Remembering our revolutionary ancestors during Qingming Festival is to better remember their immortal contributions to national independence and people’s liberation, and arouse our deep sense of historical responsibility and the sense of mission of The Times.”Black and white students said, as party school students, we should enhance the party spirit in the party school this red university, in the diligent thinking and good learning skills, in strict supervision and love to strengthen the sense of discipline, seize the day, live up to the time, with practical action to carry the responsibility and mission, always achieve the original heart such as rock, mission on the shoulder.Student Feng Junkai said, Hunan is “within ten steps, there will be grass” of the red hot land, my work location Wangcheng, is to practice with life “patriotic can be afraid of hanging head” martyr Guo Liang was born and struggle place.The best memory is inheritance, we will inherit the red gene, for the Party and the people to strive for greater glory.[Editor: Yang Jiajun][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]

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