Lengshuijiang Court judicial Assistance: What is “help in snow”?Do it when it’s time to do it

Rednet Moment Loudi February 22 (Correspondent Liu Chaowen) “Sometimes, the parties in litigation and difficulties in life are in need of the state to help them, judicial assistance is to play such a ‘role’ to save the suffering, relieve people in distress.”Cold water Jiang court party secretary, president Liu Lixian said.Since 2021, The Court has actively practiced the “I do practical things for the masses” activities, uphold the new concept of “should save as much as possible” to “should save early” transformation, judicial assistance on the road to take the first step, anxious to the parties urgent, save the parties hope, the rescued people have sincerely thumbs up.”In 2021, the court granted 892,000 yuan of judicial aid to 42 families in 42 cases, which helped them temporarily get out of their life difficulties and rebuild their confidence in life,” according to the judicial aid staff.”Judge, thanks to your help to apply for 30,000 yuan of judicial aid, just let me disabled life again have hope ah.”Wu together down the motor vehicle traffic accident seven psychiatric disorders and seven disability, originally by the person subjected to execution court decisions should be wu disability compensation of 522200 yuan, but because of the person subjected to execution ability also free of charge, no property available for execution, case into execution cannot, and his wife left home near 20 years, yet, only jobless,He also cannot take care of himself because of disabled life, life is extremely difficult.After receiving Mr. Wu’s application for assistance, the execution judge will immediately verify the situation and successfully help to apply for 30,000 yuan of assistance as soon as possible.For life particularly difficult caused by traffic accidents, and no other economic sources, is still under treatment aid applicants, accurately identify the applicant type cold water river court, precision, to “guarantee the basic life, alleviate the pressure of the life, maintain treatment” to rescue in time, the principle of sincerity passed judicial humanistic care and warmth from the applicant.”The court is really a living bodhisattva, I never dreamed that the court would take the initiative to relieve me.”Three years ago, Ms. Wang was huang Mou, Xie Mou, Bi so-and-so wounded five disability, loss of labor ability.According to the court’s judgment, the three persons subjected to execution jointly compensate for the economic losses of Ms. Wang, the application for execution, of 370,500 yuan. The execution judge visited the residence and village committee of the persons subjected to execution for many times to understand the property clues of the persons subjected to execution, but there was no property for execution.During the execution, the judge learned in the village committee where Wang lived that she had a difficult family, raising three children under the age of 14 by herself, the youngest of whom was only 11 months old. The family lived in extreme poverty and could only make ends meet on government relief.The executive judge who verified the situation immediately contacted Ms. Wang and told her that she could apply for judicial assistance, and “hand in hand” taught him how to apply. With the help of the executive judge, she quickly applied for a rescue fund of 30,000 yuan.It is not uncommon for the defendant to be unable to pay compensation and have no property for execution. For cases in which the execution measures cannot be executed after exhaustion, The Court of Lianshuijiang insists on active judicatory, giving full play to the function of judicial rescue, rescue, rescue and rescue, and first explores the “three initiatives” working method:That is, the initiative to find families in extreme poverty, take the initiative to investigate cases, and take the initiative to inform judicial assistance, so that the scope of assistance is wider, the investigation and identification of cases are more accurate, and the efficiency of fund distribution is higher, successfully opening up the “last mile” of judicial assistance.”My child is only two years old at the fifth level of disability, which makes him what to do with his life.”Eight years ago, Koha’s mother choked up with tears as she addressed the judge after she was killed in a traffic accident.In order to help Koyu get tort compensation as soon as possible, alleviate the plight of Koyu family life, can let it accept good rehabilitation treatment, cold water River court adhere to the principle of fast execution fast, but helpless to hide property, escape execution, difficult to close in a short time.In view of the special situation of minors in urgent need of medical treatment, the hospital quickly studied and adopted the dual-pronged method of compulsory execution and judicial assistance. With the full help of the judge in charge of the case, Koyu successfully applied for judicial assistance of 20,000 yuan and was able to get rid of the temporary predicament.In May 2021, the juvenile court officers of Lengshuijiang Court paid a visit to Koha. They were very pleased to see her healthy and optimistic, and placed high hopes on her and encouraged her.Koha’s return visit is just an epitome of the lengshuijiang Court’s return visit. Liao Shuxian, vice president of the court, said, “Judicial assistance is more of a temporary solution to the urgent need, and judicial follow-up and timely return visit is to continue to care, to help the parties in difficulty regain confidence and set sail.”Lengshuijiang Court upholds the concept of continuous care, “infatuating” judicial assistance cases already involved, and is gradually building a long-term mechanism of caring for families in need.Law is a thunderbolt, is also a spring breeze ten miles.At present, cold water River court after active exploration.The judicial assistance model has been established for “applicants for economic hardship, victims of traffic accidents, victims of minors” and other vulnerable and difficult groups, which cannot lead to inadequate compensation due to execution, so that the parties in difficulties can effectively receive judicial care and usher in a “bright future”.

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