60 tumors out of a girl’s uterus!The doctor stressed: Don’t eat it again

Uterine fibroids, we should not be unfamiliar.Hypothetically, when you were diagnosed with a fibroid, what would your first reaction be?A Woman surnamed Liu in Zhejiang province did not care too much when she learned that she had fibroids, because there were no uncomfortable symptoms.But who knows this half year, not only menstruation is abnormal, belly is also bigger and bigger, look like pregnant more than 4 months.Check to the hospital, B ultrasound image shows uterine flesh tumor number changes much, dense, flesh tumor volume also increases somewhat.All things considered, the doctor advised her to have a hysterectomy to avoid a recurrence.But Liu herself said she wanted to keep her uterus.In the end, while saving the uterus, doctors removed more than 60 uterine fibroids, the largest of which was 8 centimeters long, like a Russian nesting doll!See here, familiar with October care of friends may be confused: bacteria bacteria I remember you said before uterine fibroids generally no matter ah, how to remove the point of the uterus?!Yes, part of the uterine fibroids do not affect life, but also can not be taken lightly, there are a lot of attention.Tumor, or not?Uterine fibroids, it is uterine smooth muscle tissue hyperplasia and the benign tumor that forms, belong to the most common benign tumor of department of gynaecology.At present, the specific etiology is not clear, but it may be related to estrogen level and genetic factors.According to the survey, the probability of uterine fibroids in women of childbearing age is 25%, that is to say, one in every four adult women is “affected”.The odds are high, but it’s actually not that scary.For small fibroids that do not cause any symptoms, follow-up observation is needed, and re-examination every 3-6 months;For larger fibroids, or fibroids have caused obvious symptoms, need to be treated;Doctors will be based on age, fertility needs, fibroid site, size and other comprehensive evaluation, the development of treatment plan.In some cases, fibroids do not cause discomfort, do not need treatment, and you can “live peacefully” but if not regular follow-up observation, it is likely to be in the “tumor” inadvertently.Have fibroids?This eats less as above medium Madam Liu, obviously half a year ago uterine fibroid brings not big influence, can why progress so fast, half a year increases rapidly, increase in quantity?Look at present, Madam Liu did not accomplish “regular review”.The doctor who treated her said liu had been taking health supplements to supplement her body, which was likely to be the cause of the rapid growth of fibroids.Bacteria mentioned before, although the cause of uterine fibroids unknown, but with estrogen is a certain relationship.So, if you are reading this article, you happen to have fibroids, that must be careful!Do not eat health care products at will, some health care products contain estrogen, bring about estrogen inside the body of the person increase, make uterine fibroids growth.Also try to avoid long-term use of hormone-containing drugs.If the body is healthy, it is necessary to avoid long-term exposure to female and pregnant hormone preparations, drugs or health care products, which can prevent the occurrence of uterine fibroids to a certain extent.Bacteria summarized some precautions to prevent uterine fibroids, we can save directly.Uterine fibroids actually did not imagine so terrible, the treatment of the treatment.If there is no need for too much intervention, regular review is the key. If conditions permit, it is best to ask the doctor carefully for advice, which will be more targeted.The body is his, do not pay attention to the word, is simply giving “tumor” opportunity!Source: October Care.Author: October fungus.For more health science popularization, please pay attention to our health public account, # Hong Kong Health TV ## 100 Doctors Lecture Hall

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