Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau: strictly crack down on all kinds of securities illegal acts according to law

In 2021, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau focused on investigating and handling listed companies’ financial fraud, illegal guarantee by major shareholders, capital occupation and other illegal cases of information disclosure, with the number of investigation and handling increasing by 38% over the same period last year.Illegal cases of private funds increased significantly, with the number of cases investigated and handled increasing by four times year on year.Insider trading cases accounted for 16 percent less than the same period last year, and the frequent occurrence of insider trading slowed down…March 30, shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau 2021 inspection law enforcement “big data” out.Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau related person in charge said that in 2021, the bureau to service registration system reform as the center, to prevent and control major risks as the focus, strictly crack down on all kinds of securities illegal behavior in accordance with the law, strive to improve the securities law enforcement and judicial cooperation mechanism, continue to purify the market ecology, help the high-quality development of the capital market.It is of great significance for listed companies, all kinds of financial institutions and investors to keep a close eye on the “key minority” of senior directors and supervisors to find out the key regulatory points, which is helpful to understand the “high voltage line” of supervision and avoid “stepping on thunder”.China Securities Journal learned that in 2021, shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau handled 32 cases and transferred 30 suspected criminal clues to public security organs in accordance with procedures.Among the cases investigated and handled, 11 were illegal information disclosure cases of listed companies, accounting for 34%;7 cases of insider trading, accounting for 22%;5 violations of laws and regulations of private funds, accounting for 16%;3 violations of laws and regulations by intermediary agencies, accounting for 9%;2 cases of market manipulation, accounting for 6%;1 violation of laws and regulations of securities practitioners, accounting for 3%;3 in other categories, accounting for 9%.Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau on financial fraud, insider trading, market manipulation, intermediary institutions and private equity fund violations, has always maintained a high pressure situation, these key areas investigated and handled 23 cases, accounting for 72% of the total investigated and handled cases.It is worth noting that last year, the number of illegal cases of private funds increased by four times compared with the same period last year.Shenzhen is a major private equity city in China. By the end of February this year, the number of private equity fund managers in Shenzhen reached 4,299, and the total size of funds under management reached 2.37 trillion yuan.Analysts believe that maintaining high pressure supervision of private equity violations can effectively warn the market and prevent and resolve risks in the private equity field.Investigation and Handling cases in key areas The Opinions on Strictly Cracking down on Illegal Securities activities issued by the General Offices of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council clearly stated that financial fraud, fraudulent issuance and other illegal acts should be dealt with strictly and quickly, and resolutely cracked down.In 2021, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau undertook 6 cases of financial fraud of listed companies, investigated and dealt with illegal acts through fictitious purchase and sales business, fictitious factoring business supplemented by false fund circulation, involving continuous information disclosure of listed companies, merger and reorganization, new Third Board listing and other fields.In addition, in the face of the stock market manipulation means are constantly renovated, the form is more hidden, the manipulation subjects show the characteristics of teamwork, professionalism and chain.Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau in-depth research and judgment clues, innovation of the way of work, strengthen law enforcement cooperation with the public security organs, investigated and handled 2 market manipulation cases, the whole chain to crack down on black mouth, dark zhuang, distribution intermediary collusion series to seek illegal interests network.Among them, a certain case is shenzhen securities regulatory Bureau and the public security organs jointly investigate a dark zhuang collusion black mouth, through the “grab the hat” method of market manipulation of the securities market case.The main culprit of the case “cattle spread” party so-and-so is a habitual offender, the stealth behind the scenes, through the intermediary and a number of black mouth gang collusion, manipulate the black mouth using live broadcast, wechat group to trick investors into buying stocks at high prices, the reverse sale, profiting huge profits.Preliminary investigation shows that the transaction amount involved is more than 2 billion yuan and the illegal profit is more than 200 million yuan.It is reported that the case is being further investigated by the public security organs.In the field of private equity supervision, in 2021, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau took administrative supervision measures on 18 private equity institutions and 15 responsible persons, filed an inspection on 4 private equity institutions, imposed administrative penalties on 3 institutions and responsible persons, and notified the public security department of 24 risk institutions involving criminal clues.Gather law enforcement efforts in addition to the investigation of key areas of the case, the relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau introduced that in 2021, the bureau condensed law enforcement efforts, all-round promotion of the opinions in Shenzhen landing.On the one hand, strengthen infrastructure construction, improve the law enforcement and judicial system and mechanism of strictly cracking down on illegal securities activities.Based on the actual situation of Shenzhen, shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau, together with the Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, jointly led the development of the “Shenzhen Plan” to implement the Opinions, and reported to the Municipal Party Committee and government for review.”Shenzhen” gathering 42 related units together, giving full play to the advantages of shenzhen first demonstration policy further, in the perfection of the mechanism of financial legal system, improve the inter-departmental law enforcement and judicial cooperation, strengthen the local financial regulation and hit the “vc” and other special economic zones in the field of legislation, deepen deep port regulated exchanges and cooperation, etc, a positive innovation, high quality capital market development for shenzhen escort.On the other hand, we will strengthen the connection of execution and deepen law enforcement and judicial cooperation with public prosecutors.In 2021, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau will focus on strengthening cooperation with public security and judicial organs to deepen the construction of execution connection system and mechanism.In order to explore the establishment of a more flexible and efficient cooperation mechanism and improve the efficiency of law enforcement cooperation, the Ministry of Public Security has conducted visits, discussions and exchanges with the third Branch of the Securities Crime Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Procuratorate, the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court and the Economic Crime Investigation Bureau of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department.Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau cooperated with the public security organs to severely crack down on illegal securities activities. In 2021, shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau assisted the Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out on-site net closing actions for 2 cases of over-the-counter securities allocation and 1 case of over-the-counter futures allocation.

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