Kyrie Irving has asked the Nets to add spiritual counseling to his teammates to follow my faith

Owen has always been controversial in this season, when the season began because he doesn’t play the vaccine led to concerns that the he made a savage attack, and even the nets also gave him the team from the decision, but it’s a pity as the team had slipped and durant injury, the team finally chose a compromise, and this is definitely encourages Owen’s arrogance,With the team still trying to make the playoffs, Irving has begun Ramadan, or fasting.But not dozen vaccine and Ramadan is derived from Owen a belief and religious issues, but in an interview today when Owen also puts forward new requirements for the nets, he hope the team can be in video tutorial course opened the door spirit, means to help his teammates to increase mental energy, let them have a strong will power so as to achieve a state of confidence,This is not a religious class like Owen’s, but a motivational speaking class.Owen when he faced the camera and said “I hope the team can be increased in a course, add a mental tutorial at the end of the video lesson, let my teammates more triumphalism, let them have confidence in yourself, every time shooting more decisive and confident, I have the strongest desire to win, so hope the teammates can follow my faith,Become as confident as I am.”Perhaps this course is the best choice for irving, the master of chicken soup for the soul, to give a speech. I believe no one in the Nets does a better job of philosophy than irving.

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