Slow and steady!You don’t see the other side of Wonder Dumb

There is a line in the song “The Stupid Children”, which reads, “God loves the stupid children.”In the movie “Miracle · Stupid Child”, Jing Hao (Jackson Yi) uses the most stupid method, leading a group of ordinary people and fate against the challenge;Off screen, the film with the most stable word of mouth, slowly from the bottom of the box office, rose to third place.The echo of image and reality makes miracle · Stupid Child more interesting.For this film, the audience must have high expectations, after all, director Wen Muye’s debut “Dying to Survive”, won 9 points of douban high praise, raked in 3.1 billion box office at the same time, almost swept all the film festival that year the best new director award.What actor would refuse to work with such a director?It was with this mentality that actress Qi Xi accepted the role of Wang Chunmei without any consideration after listening to the director’s story.This time, we understand wonder · Stupid Child from the story of Qi Xi and Wang Chunmei.In dying to Survive, Wang Chunmei said, “Who doesn’t have a patient?” In Miracle and Stupid Children, she said, “Who doesn’t have a problem?”For actors, it’s hard. It’s really hard.When Wen muye found Qi Xi, the script was still in a secret stage, he just told her the story of Wang Chunmei’s role in great detail over the phone. “The background of the role is optimistic and brilliant, so she is always smiling.”Laughter has become wang Chunmei’s signature emotional output point.Wen Muye has been emphasizing to Qi Xi that Wang Chunmei’s smile is divided into several stages, “from the beginning may be a kind of not confident, a little ingratiating smile, and then to the middle is a kind of heartless, silly, to the late is a sincere, practical, confident smile.In her performance, Ms. Qi’s handling of the shifting smiles highlights the toughness of Ms. Wang’s character and her role as a mother.Wang Chunmei, who laughed almost the whole time, was angry in a scene.This scene is also a highlight scene in “Miracle Stupid Kids”.The cause is before the work of people, violence to find Wang Chunmei to drop the case.At this time, Wang Chunmei refused. Even though the other workers had withdrawn the lawsuit, she was determined to continue to appeal, because the job did not do a good job to protect the employees, so she lost the opportunity to hear her son call her mother.Wang Chunmei, who does not smile, is tough, but also has a tender side of her.In the confrontation, the other party damaged the hearing aid given to her by her son, and also damaged Wang Chunmei’s patience. “She was struggling outside alone and missed her family very much. Although they were not in the same city, they protected each other and cared about each other.Her children care about their mother and bought her a hearing aid to help her communicate better and not stumble in life.When the hearing aid might be broken, Wang chunmei would naturally be very worried.”Many plots have been designed in the script, but the emotions behind the characters still need to be explored and understood more by the actors.After getting the script, Qixi made a biography of Wang Chunmei at the first time according to the existing setting of the role, “about the story of the 10 years before she came to Shenzhen, including the setting of her marriage and family.”After the reform and opening up, Shenzhen has become the first choice for many people to work in the city. As time goes by, people’s living habits may have changed, but the local accent has always been in my body, which is the root of my thoughts of home. Therefore, in the role setting, QIxi, who was born in Guizhou, has blended some Guizhou accent into his lines.And her handling of marriage and family is not only demonstrated in this group play.In the movie, there is a wedding scene between Liu Hengzhi (Wang Ning) and Wu Xiaoli (Huang Yao), where Zhang Longhao (Gong Lei) makes his first overtures to Wang Chunmei without too many lines, wang Chunmei tosses first, breaking the awkward atmosphere and putting each other in a natural and comfortable state.This attitude is not caused by current emotions, but conveys to the audience that behind Wang Chunmei’s growth line, she is hesitant about marriage, and her son is always her first concern.Ms. Wang may not have much of a scene or a big one, but Ms. Qi uses just enough detail to bring the character to life and give the audience more emotional motivation to scrutinize.”Qi Xi” in “Miracle · stupid child” experience, gave Qi Xi a lot of “unexpected”.It was the first time she had played such a role, and she often said that Wang was “the voice” in the miracle Team.But fortunately, years of drama experience, let her know how to use the voice will be powerful.Compared with her loud voice, Qi Xi finds the most difficult aspect of Wang’s comedy.So far, Qixi has rarely acted in comedic films. When she got the role, “AT first, I was not sure what I would do,” she said.Fortunately, director Wen Muye and other actors gave her a lot of help.The creation in this atmosphere gives the “miracle team” more interesting grip on each other in and out of the play.Especially Tian Yu, Xu Juncong and Wang Ning these comedy actors, let Qi Xi sigh, is a new learning.”Our whole cast is very relaxed, and I have a very low point of laughter, laughing every day in the cast.If you look at some of the peripheral material for Wonder Stupid Kids, you can hear the bottom note of a person laughing a lot. That’s me.”Facing the camera, Qixi once again recalled the happy times during filming.Director Wen Muye let her “never expected”.When there is no official work, Wen Muye is a careless director in Qixi’s heart, but after the formal play, the director in front of me, “too surprised!”For the movie itself, or the direction of the characters, wen muye must have a big idea in mind, “he will timely catch those very warm and affectionate places, these things will enter his eyes, will not miss.”On the set, Wen muye will let them try again and again. As long as the logic of the plot and the direction of the role are in line, he is willing to give free play to the actors, and even expects and encourages them to try.Because of this, Qixi and the cast members all call the director “Wen Baobao”.Of course, this play is not really arbitrary.Qixi told us that the director would use a very academic way to debug, “we must do rehearsal, because only after the first line, when the camera is turned on, we can know where to play again.”Toward the end of the movie, the camera looks out over the city as they move out of their workplaces and sit in the back of a big truck. “It was a scene that really impressed me. The director just let us do whatever we wanted.”After “Miracle · Stupid Child”, Qixi gave himself a long vacation, “do not want to take a long work, just want to sink.”This kind of precipitation and reflection actually comes from her observation of Yi Yangqianxi.”I see the dedication of a young man in Qianxi.I would think, he is so young, he is one step at a time, one role at a time, not trying to eat fat, very calm, then as an older sister, I really should learn from others, not too impatient, step by step.”Qixi outside the play, looking at yi Yangqianxi’s performance, there are a lot of unexpected to his works before.Even after the completion of the interview, or from time to time will use “factory director”, or even “Xi Brother” to call.All kinds of unexpected, let Qi Xi and Wang Chunmei this role has a special intersection.Wang Chunmei got a good ending at the end of the film, while Qixi, after a short rest, wanted to embrace more possibilities./ prize interactive/please use one sentence to say you expect to “Miracle · stupid kids” or feel the background reply “welfare” according to the rules to participate in the opportunity to get “Miracle · Stupid kids” coupons/lottery/congratulations used to lonely;Myckey;Superman receives watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake voucher sniper disclaimer: This article is reproduced for further information purposes.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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