This year will break 6W!A wave of luxury homes in Wuhan are already on the way

In 2021, wuhan property market, by Wuhan top hao – Wuhan day belt the first fire.Enter 2022, is still a luxury first, however, with a little difference from last year, this year wuhan luxury is a hundred flowers bloom, not, so just a month or so, Wuhan luxury market has added N partners.First of all, or to review the current Wuhan mansion, little sister counted, there are about 20 (in the sale of new dish, has sold out the project is not included), today to see a few new dish, Wuhan mansion lineup has become unprecedented strength.First look at the existing 20 4W+ luxury houses hufa Bund Mansion 56332 YUAN/flat Green City · Lakefront Yunlu Stack 55000 yuan/flat No. 7 Apartment on the Bund 55000 yuan/Flat Green City Wuhan Huangpu Bay 51865 yuan/flat Chenjia 100 51865 yuan/flat Wuhan Tiantii Yunting phase 2 51624 yuan/flat ocean Yangtze River Zun51500 YUAN/flat China Resources Ruifu 50800 Yuan/flat Yanheng Riverside Park 48000 Yuan/Flat Fosun Bund Center 47,945 yuan/Flat Wuhan Yangtze River Center 47,448 yuan/Flat Citic Pacific Riverside City 47,000 yuan/Flat Wuhan Sand Lake Center 46,438 yuan/Flat China Resources Vientiane City · Xinglinli 44,762 yuan/Flat Wanda Yuhu Hanyin44,528 yuan/Ping No. 1 Wuhan Sunac Center 42,938 Yuan/Ping Zhonghai Changjiang Shili 42,600 Yuan/Ping Zhonghai Wansong Jiili 42,000 Yuan/Ping Wuhan Greenland Center Apartment 42,000 yuan/Ping Shahu No. 9 41,600 yuan/Ping Next, let’s look at the new ones.The project is located at the intersection of Jiaoyi Street and Mingxin Street, belonging to the inner ring of Hankou. It is about 1.1 kilometers away from the Yangtze River, belonging to the Hankou Binjiang plate.On March 18, 2021, Yuexiu won plot P (2021) 005 with a total price of 1.30 million yuan, with a floor price of 26,530.61 yuan/ping and a premium rate of 26.21%.There is no doubt that the floor price of 26,000 yuan will reach more than 40,000 yuan. At present, it is said that the project will sell at about 45,000 yuan per square meter, but whether it can reach this price depends on the market and customer storage situation.There are two advantages. One is the floor area ratio of 3.02, which is really very low in areas like hankou inner Ring. The total floor area of residential buildings is no more than 20 floors.Another is rough sales, plus floor is not high, public share is relatively low, the smallest 84 flat can do three rooms, this kind of family design is in the core area or very rare.But the problem is here, the project model 84 minimum, maximum 143 ping, erqi binjiang, wuchang riverside plate, and like most is to give priority to Pacific Ocean, small area is over 120, but in the yuexiu star HuiYuan overall small family model, project positioning is also has a little deviation with a person of extraordinary powers curtilage pure envelops, plus not overlooking the river, has been deducted,This also has an impact on the pricing of late projects.The project could be available as soon as the end of April, with the marketing center expected to open in April.The famous movie factory plot in Wuhan was acquired by Wuhan Urban Construction In June 2021, with a floor price of 16,999.96 yuan/ping. The floor price is not high for this location.Does this look familiar to you?The capital of Huafa Park, which opened a few days ago, is on the left side of the project. The average price of blank is 36,000 yuan/square. The central cloud City of Wuhan Urban Construction is expected to be sold with decoration, with a decoration of 5000, and 4W is relatively simple.At present, the project is just named, and the marketing center will probably come out in the second half of the year.Hankou Xinghe Bay is located beside Jianshe Avenue, Jiangan District, near the intersection of Jianshe Avenue and Huiji No.2 Road. At the gate is huiji No.2 Subway Station of Line 3, almost in the middle of the inner ring road and the second Ring Road.The price of this project in 4W+ should be no suspense, the west side of the project is Yucai Second Primary School, liberation Park straight line within 500 meters, around the new plate is basically more than 4W, and the project itself is the product of the mansion to do.The ratio of parking Spaces is as high as 1:2.7, nearly 3 parking Spaces in one family, which is almost unheard of in Wuhan.In addition, there is a large area of water features, which is relatively rare in the same volume project.The first phase will build a surface of about 260-310 hardcover large flat layer, the minimum 260 flat, this product positioning is also directed at the mansion, but also the top of the kind of luxury.The opening date of this project is uncertain. It has been a year since the project started, and I feel the pace is a bit slow.Wuhan Urban Construction · Central Yunjing Project is located at NO.2 changjiang Daily Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan city, the former site of changjiang Daily.The first thing you can see in this picture is Mixc, including Hong Kong Road and Lingjiao Lake. The new plates in the vicinity are basically around 30,000 to 40,000 yuan. The decoration situation of this project is uncertain at present, and if it is sold with decoration, it is also likely to break 4W.The total construction area of the project is about 200,000 square meters, of which about 92,000 square meters are residential buildings and 108,000 square meters are commercial buildings. The provincial library is next to the project, and shangri-La is opposite. If the cultural atmosphere of the whole area is well transformed, it will be sufficient.This project is also built by Wuhan city. At present, there is no movement. There may be news in the second half of the year.Sunac’s first Peach Blossom Garden in Wuhan is the fourth in China.This project is an integral part of Sunac Optical Valley Courtyard No. 1, except that Courtyard No. 1 is a high-rise building and Taohuayuan is a villa.In the optical valley three ring, the location is ok, surrounded by mountains on three sides, the environment can.This overall will be the first opening of the first yard products, the price of 35,000 yuan/level, but it is said that the first may be set at about 3.2, the first yard for the villa series, generally speaking, the price of the villa is basically 2 times the high-rise (the same project), even according to 30,000, the price of the Villa will be more than 60,000,Moreover, Taohuayuan itself is a high-end product series of Sunac, and the price will not be low.The aerial photo of the project has been online. Click to view the surrounding No.26 — Jindi Hankou Peak Area, which can be said to be the dot of Wuhan city. Wuguang is next to it, and Henglong is downstairs.However, due to the high quality of the location, small amount of land for development, relatively small volume of the project, high plot ratio, and commercial and commercial office planning, the high and low matching is made for the comfort of living — three residential buildings, one of which has 60 floors, and the other two are small high-rise buildings with 16 and 18 floors, which are relatively rare in Wuhan.This project is also very close to the capital of Huafa Park, and it is closer to the center than the lot of Huafa park. It is also sold with decoration, and the price is likely to exceed 40,000 yuan.In addition to the delayed opening of xinhua One, American Union is said to have a new project in hankou Binjiang plate will come out this year, the last phase of Wuhan Heaven and Earth Cloud Court is said to be possible to break 60,000.Wuhan 4W+ a person of extraordinary residence has 20 at present (new dish), can break through 30 this year?Later see the true chapter.

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